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Planetary Symbols


February 4, 2005



I've enjoyed tremendously reading your detailed explanations and like the chart examples you use. However, the chart displays include planetary symbols I've never seen elsewhere and I know you routinely include minor planets that other astrologers don't use. Can you please include a legend or key for these? I've just begun looking at the interactions of some of the minor planets in my own chart and would like to understand these objects better as they express themselves in other people's charts. Thanks for your help.





Dear Linda,

Here is the basic glyph collection:


Here is the collection for asteroid glyphs, courtesy of Martha Lang Wescott of Treehouse Mountain:


I am working on a collection of minor planet glyphs and keywords of the Centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects for readers. That will be ready in a few weeks!


Thanks for writing.