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February 4, 2005




NOTE: Last week I asked for comments, ideas and experiences about how people live out their astrology in the Southern Hemisphere. Here is one of your responses. More are welcome! We're also going to be printing more of your reader comments on any other subject, so please feel free to send comments as well as questions. Thank you! -- efc.


Dear Eric,

Thank you for your efforts to embrace 'whole world' astrology.


Your response to "The Australian Awareness Project" brought to mind the old saying of "wherever you go, you take yourself with you" ... this includes your natal chart.


So in looking at the bigger picture, whatever season in the world we find ourselves in, we are also going through our own cycle of personal life seasons within that according to the moment we're born.


I don't believe it does throw the whole basis of astrology into question. If we broaden our perspective to look at a natal chart of the world around the time astrology came into being, beginning with the season of 'birth' then whenever the Sun drops below the horizon it exposes the underworld ... or the lands downunder. Time also takes a turn.


Same happens within an individual's life cycle. Noting the 8th house is inconjunct the 1st (150 degrees away), when that part of the chart is illuminated it's an area that corresponds with an adjustment to the "Fall" years (Autumn) years of life, eg., mid-life crisis in the overall scheme of a person's life cycle, in smaller cycles of time it can indicate a "fall" of another sort.


The southern hemisphere (what's below) is like a mirror image of the northern hemisphere (what's above), remembering mirror images are reversed. So once the Sun dips below the northern horizon it exposes the world from a different perspective, the Descendant of the Northern Hemisphere becomes the new Ascendant for the southern hemisphere ... and the seasons (time) are reversed, just like the mirror image.


When the Sun hits its peak in summer in the north illuminating the sign Cancer, the polarity hemisphere is in the midst of Winter. Both Cancer and Capricorn are symbolised by signs that dwell half in water half on land, they're "boundary" signs. In the heat of summer in the north people make for the water to cool down, and when the Sun reaches maximum exposure they hide inside their "shell" which reflects the light providing shelter from the Sun's harsh rays. In the south, in the middle of winter that same shell is used as protection from the external elements also, only in this instance it's Winter as everyone retreats to the warmth inside their 'shells' ... the further south you go the colder and harsher it gets.


When the Sun dips below the horizon and exposes the North to the Wintry face of Capricorn, it brings out the sunny face of Capricorn in the South. So in the north while people are trying to escape FROM the blizzards and cold and lighting fires in their hearths, in the south people are trying to escape INTO the cold by going swimming etc and trying to put out fires raging about outside their hearths.

And of course the closer we get to the horizon where time takes a turn, the more temperate the seasons become.


You mentioned that the Sun and Moon traditionally only ruled one sign. It's interesting to observe as we've become more familiar with what dwells downunder in our psyches, so have we become more familiar with those lands that reside downunder. In addition, as this awareness has grown, more of the signs have taken on single planet rulership.


Both the psyche and the lands downunder are repositories for certain things. And as one plummets the depths of the psyche they come to new understandings of themself, their soul. As awareness has grown of the lands downunder it's revealed new old souls ... and exploration of these lands also reveals many of those souls who've previously resided above in the north.


Many who reside in the Northern Hemisphere have roots in the south, just as many who reside in the Southern Hemisphere have roots in the north. Australia and its neighbours are not just continents of relocated Westerners, they have their indigenous populations as well as strong populations of people from the east (the Middle East, North East and East). And the beauty of this diverse mix is that many of the authentic cultural traditions have been kept very much intact, from the cuisine to traditional cultural and religious celebrations.


One only has to look to the sports , Olympics, film, developments in medicine, royal marriages etc to see the impact the southern lands have been having on those in the north ... strengthening relationships between the North and its soul life -- or life of its souls -- 'downunder'.


In appreciation,



Hi Eric,

I admire your skills both as a writer and astrologer greatly -- I also receive your Political Waves newsletter and it always steers me to fascinating areas of reading. Thank you. I have been learning to 'visualise' astrology since reading you and now have a good multi-dimensional picture in my head of the effects of each planet on the life energy at birth -- like gods bestowing gifts and challenges as well as the armour. Fascinating.


Tina Louise


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Dearest Eric,

Your question about what would it take for a person to act on a level of planetary awareness has finally moved me to write you. I've been following Planet Waves as well as your blogging. YOU are certainly a most precious gift to this planet. It's difficult to describe in words how the combination of your astrological knowledge, profound insights and well-articulated verse has quenched a thirst in me. Thank you for your words! The answer as to what I need to help the planet is -- direction.


Though I feel there are so many healers, and spiritually aware individuals "out there" -- my question is why can't we come together in a united front? It would seem that together we could have more influence and make an impact on the world. I try to tell myself it's just the DP (Divine Plan) that Bush won the election. A necessary setback on the road to 2012. But it is so difficult to comprehend that SO many people are asleep and cannot see the propaganda, the spin and marketing that rules our world. It truly makes me feel powerless and sick as I watch. I have longed to contribute something to the greater good but currently feel lost at the moment. Now I AM READY TO SERVE. I want to find a way to make a living and help the world at the same time.


I wish you MANY BLESSINGS in your endeavors and keep those blogs and insights coming. You are incredible!


Best regards... Karen

Dear Eric:

I enjoy your column very much. I am so pleased about your current focus on children's charts; I have been visiting your website for years and have always thought that children's issues were the only possible unaddressed subject. I think you have covered everything now!


Your ardent fan,


Dear Eric:


I am a single mum on social security, Planet Waves is giving me a free subscription until my circumstances change, so Eric I personally thank you very deeply its been a great soul connection thru a 'disconnected time'. Also great advice to that lady about her step daughter. Who are these people who use the word 'dead' to describe areas of a child's body in front of the child?? My son was diagnosed with a lazy or dead eye the way the people spoke was terrible. I immediately decided to go elsewhere, The eye that was supposed to be dead by age 7 is getting better every day!!!


Thanks for your time, peace and passion, Sue xxx