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Chiron in Aquarius Conjunct Natal Sun


February 11, 2005


Hi Eric:

I have just read Chiron will be entering Aquarius in Spring of 2005 and will be there for the year. What does this mean for Aquarians? I am one and very intrigued!






Dear Judith,

In my view, Chiron entering Aquarius represents a phase of significant changes for everyone, because it's going to change the nature and vibration of the world. How a big comet orbiting a gazillion miles from the Sun does this, don't ask me; but I trust that we shall see and feel the difference.


For those with strong Aquarius signatures in their chart, an intense, impassioned series of turning points lie ahead, because all that already charged-up Aquarian energy is going to be unleashed in your life and in the lives of people around you.


One thing to know about Chiron in Aquarius is that it will take more than twice as long as Chiron in Capricorn. Chiron in Capricorn will tally up at about three-and-a-half years. Chiron in Aquarius will come out to about seven years. So the effects will be more spread out, and they will affect smaller groups of people more intensely for longer times. By this, I mean that if you are born during the first four or five days of Aquarius, you're going to experience the most direct and personal effects sooner -- this spring. Then in late 2005 and through 2006, the first eight or 10 days will be under the influence of the transit. The same holds true for ascendants and Aquarius moons.


This process will creep along for seven years, by the end of which we will be living on a different kind of planet. Chiron in Aquarius is likely to bring out the Uranian side of Chiron. Many have noted that Chiron has a vibration similar to a mix of two very different energies, Uranus and Saturn. The Uranian aspect is a quicker vibration, bringing sudden and intense developments, transformations, crises and healing, both individual and planetary.


However, one thing it's important to remember is that this transit has not happened yet. It is certainly possible to speculate, and to look at history. (The last phase of Chiron in Aquarius occurred in the late 1950s and ended the day after John F. Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961!) While the 50s are often viewed as a 'conservative' time, what was really going on was that the world was slowly waking up under the vibration of this energy. The United States Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Earl Warren, was beginning to take the lead in a series of civil rights decisions. There was a very active civil rights movement heating up in the North and the South of the United States.


If you read the poetry of the Beat Generation or the books of Jack Kerouac, you will get a taste of Chiron in Aquarius. There was a deeply restless 'search for oneself' going on among these writers, who were also finding their group identity. This is Aquarius -- the place where the individual identity meets the group identity. You will see that they were highly experimental, iconoclastic, and daring. They had trouble keeping their minds in order. They were devoted to their creativity. They did quite a lot of drugs to help the process of unleashing all that repression. They were VERY curious about sex -- this is a deeply Aquarian kind of trait. I think Chiron in Aquarius is going to pull the cork on that issue pretty soon.


This all being said, it's not quite possible -- and not quite fair -- to predict too carefully what will happen to Aquarian individuals under this transit. I will be writing about it in the horoscope for a long time, week by week and day by day. I suggest that it starts with your interpretation and experience of Aquarius in your chart as you live it out now, and have through your life. Usually, people with the Sun there have more than one object in Aquarius -- and I can tell you that people born in the 50s and 60s have quite a bit in the way of Centaurs and other new, far out stuff in Aquarius that will be getting illuminated by the long visit of Chiron.


The important thing to remember about Chiron is that the name of the game is awareness. Yes, it can seem like changes and transformation come on like gangbusters. But it's a lot easier when you remember that everything that happens in life is an opportunity to raise your awareness; to see things differently; to see yourself differently. It's also a good time to remember that we are not alone.