Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS



January 21, 2005


Dear Eric:

Having been a fan of Jonathan for many years I followed up and read your Q & A. I do not have a question but would like to note a few observations.


I agree that people are at last awakening, however this is only the few who are tuned/wired for this shift. The people who choose (have chosen) to be here for this time and change.


Unfortunately the others cannot be here for the shift but shall, and are, protesting and hence trying to control what is happening.


This cannot be controlled and I think the awakening at present is the people understanding we are not in control. This earth we grace shall undertake what changes it needs to survive.


There are many people who are prepared for this change and, actually, it cannot come soon enough as we are currently bored with the current status quo.


I do believe your page does allow others to realize they are not on their own we are here for a reason and it shall be upon us soon. It is all positive stuff.


Many thanks.