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Days of Aquarius


January 21, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Readers:


El Sol, our Sun and Source, is always new in the sign Aquarius for the U.S. presidential inauguration, which happened Thursday at noon in Washington, DC (5 pm GMT). It's a fitting symbol of idealism and democracy that transcends time and history. Inauguration, by the way, means 'divination by the flight of birds'.


The Sun flew in to Aquarius overnight Wednesday to Thursday, joining a newborn Gemini Moon in the air signs. A stampede of planets now follows the Sun, soon blossoming into the most impressive Aquarius alignment since January 1997 -- which happened at the time of the great Comet Hale-Bopp. As well, two planets are about to align in Sagittarius near the Galactic Core -- Sagg and Aquarius being quite the high-intensity, harmonious combination. And three Centaur planets are about to change signs, entering Sagittarius and Aquarius and picking up the cosmic tempo and intensity of vibrations bigtime. This is a moment of truly awesome potential; kind of like any other, but in reality, unlike any other.


Yet back on the planet, the BBC is currently reporting that about three-quarters of European citizens, most notably Brits, Germans and French ('old Europe'), plus a mob of Canadians (about two-thirds of them, up in Alternative Europe), feel the world is a more dangerous place with the Shrub taking office again. Hmmm. According to BBC News, reporting on the results of a worldwide survey of more than 19,000 people, the only folks who feel the world is safer now seem to be those in the Philippines and India.


Chart above: Mars conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, Jan. 28, 2005. Chart set for The Hague, The Netherlands.

Not shown is Nessus in Aquariuis and Pholus about to change signs to Sagittarius.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is a lot of anxiety to have brewing at this particular moment. I speak in particular of a rapidly forming conjunction between Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. Ordinarily, this aspect, which represents some kind of developing situation, could be considered a perfectly explosive conjunction (marking off the completion of a two-year cycle, by the way). It happens in Sagittarius, a sign which offers us two major levels of experience to choose from.


The first is ideology: of contentious, competing ideas that pretend to get to the root of things (the 'fundamentals'). On this level, Sagittarius feels like 'my beliefs are bigger/better than your beliefs'. This is what you might call the low road.


Sagittarius is also about spiritual breakthrough; contact with one's higher angel; and the choice to do the right thing -- that is, ethics. This is Sagittarius in real life. The ethics of this sign are less born of choice, study or logic than they are of spontaneously knowing what is necessary and true, and in accord with the greater good.


Mars-Pluto can be explosive, and it can also represent a major breakthrough in consciousness on a wide scale. Sagittarius is like this enormous spiritual rock concert we all get to attend, whenever we want. What makes the difference between what level of experience we want? But of course: we do. How we handle ourselves, how we make our decisions, whether we choose to confront others or to grow inwardly, whether we keep our cool and spread good vibes, are all up to us. Whether we choose anger or forgiveness are entirely up to us. Whether we choose as a conscious act to be free, which means free in our hearts and minds, is up to us. And the choices we make as individuals add up fast.


This is not even a boring game of 'majority rules'. It's a game of let's get the vibe going.


It may seem like the world is happening to us; but really, we are happening to the world. Our collective choices build and create the world as we go, which we then experience and vibrate right back out to the planet. How we interpret our experience, both collective and individual, has everything -- everything -- to do with what that experience means, and how it reverberates through time and history. In spiritual reality, interpretation is everything. Experience is basically neutral, but how we see it makes it what it is, and makes us what we are.


In the past, there have been exceedingly few options for how to put any of this into action. But now we are opening up, and opening up fast. We not only believe, but also know in our hearts, that so much more is possible. Everyone reading this article is interested in at least one spiritual method: astrology. Most of us have made considerable investments of time and learning in developing ourselves in other ways (tai chi, gardening, runes: it all counts).


Now that we have the Internet, we have the ability for millions of minds to consciously align behind an idea. We have the option to make a decision to raise our consciousness above conflict, and to share our visions of the world.


Personally, I don't know a single person who does not want peace on this Earth. When minds join behind an idea, it builds in inevitability. It starts to happen on the spot.


Yet to have peace, we need some intuitive sense that it's possible. It's not so hard to entertain a mere possibility. We don't need to know how we're going to get from the idea to reality -- the idea is the important part; that small breath of faith that something better than what we now have is possible (um, it better be!). I don't need to tell you what the world is currently experiencing; you know all too well. Yet that is not the only possibility, unless we say or believe it is.


There are many factors developing right now that suggest strongly that the vibrational rate of the planet is picking up FAST. Mars-Pluto, which represents a major cycle of experience (about two years worth), is one of them. Both Mars and Pluto are rather potent factors that involve the power of conscious WILL. Oh, that thing! They are saying: direct your will consciously; direct your negative emotions outward in physical activity rather than psychically, or at yourself in some negative way (fear, guilt, projection, etc.). Oh, and remember what you've learned from all your spiritual training, and act as if it's true, even if it's just an experiment.


We have all, each of us, every single person reading, has had some actual experience of the non-physical communication; of thoughts being associated with manifestation; of synchronicity; of actual miracles happening.


Remember: there is no order of difficulty of miracles. 'Small' miracles are the same as the 'big' ones. Each builds our faith. Each changes the world.


The astrology of the coming days and weeks is like an enormous amplifier of our ideas and feelings. It feels like an ocean of insight. The energy level is turned up steadily, beginning in the next 48 hours, through the coming week and over the next six weeks. We are at one of those world-bridge moments where we can go from one reality to the next, and become different people, and a different society, in the process. Let's take ourselves along. Bring your loving intentions into your community experiences. Pay attention, and keep choosing. Let everything that you see that you don't want, remind you with that much more heart and soul of what you do. Find that small space within you where you really feel safe, and let the feeling expand from there.


Please pass this information on. Thoughts increase by being given away, and what we focus on increases. I'll be in touch again soon!


Here are a few of your questions for the week.