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Tarot Cards

January 21, 2005


Dear Eric:

I was told that I should wait for someone to give me some Tarot cards, rather than buy my own. So I waited. And waited. I probably/possibly even mentioned to a few people I was waiting. And yet, after waiting around 10 years, still no one had given me a deck! So finally last month I went out and bought a deck. I like them and they seem to like me. Should I have less confidence in the cards because I bought them rather than received them as a gift?



Caring Cancerian, Bondi Beach, Australia



Dear Caring

There's a tradition I've heard of -- and that I like -- that suggest that Tarot decks are best if first used by an experienced practitioner and then passed along to the new owner. I like the tradition because it encourages contact and community, and giving. I've also had people ask me to buy them a deck, use it for a while, and sell it to them. I've passed along plenty of decks (but always asking the deck first!)


However, there's nothing wrong with buying your own decks for yourself. You will build a relationship with the cards and the spirits behind them as long as you practice, study, have faith and read the cards.


Once you embark on this journey, it's likely that plenty of decks will pass through your hands. They will come to you from odd places; they will go odd places; a few you may keep your whole life. The whole business of the Tarot is a great mystery and there are no definitive rules, as long as you keep a loving vibe around the work and remember that working with the cards is both a relationship and an inner journey.