Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Relationship Chart -- Saturn Sesquisquare

January 21, 2005


Dear Eric:

I really appreciate your in depth, thoughtful, and educational column! I have a question about the relationship chart -- I've received Jonathan's fabulous chart describing my relationship with a person I've recently met. There's (untested) chemistry between us, no doubt, but I was looking to the chart to see if there is potential for substance, as I'm already in a committed relationship that I would not want to forgo for a fling. I'm pretty clear on most of the interpretation - but I'm unfamiliar with the Sesquisquare. Is my Saturn Sesquisquare his Sun necessarily a deal breaker?? I thought this was a 'minor aspect'?


Best wishes

Saturn's Cautious Daughter



Dear S.C.D.,

The aspect involved is Saturn, which among other things is about structure and commitment. It is not necessarily a deal-breaker (potentially so) but it points to something important. Saturn is often a "make or break" point, because it addresses the edge of one level of reality -- a limit or structure of some kind.


Here we have an interesting example of how astrology can work in a mysterious way. There IS something in the way of you and the new guy (or interest, if you prefer), which is your current relationship. Saturn is pointing precisely to that limitation, or responsibility, or structure -- however you wish to read the meaning of Saturn. So the aspect is not the potential deal-breaker; the situation is, and the planets are pointing to that situation. That sesquisquare (or sesquiquadrate, a 135-degree angle that's comprised of a square [90 degrees] plus a semi-square [45 degrees], for a total of 135 degrees) is a minor aspect only if you think your relationship is a minor situation. It is in the range of aspects that deal with the general theme 'adjustment', and in this range, adjustment can add up to flow rather quickly.


I suggest that you need to talk to your partner and update him as to where you're at in the relationship, on all accounts, not just this one. Then, you've done some or all of the work of that Saturn aspect and, whatever happens, you are free to make a choice and move onto the next phase of your life. There times and places where people can negotiate other forms of relationship than the traditional ones. I am not talking about having an affair, but rather an honest, innovative and most of all caring solution to the puzzle you present. There are no guarantees, but Saturn only points to the box; if we can find a grounded and reasonable way to live outside the box, Saturn is usually right there with its little lead bells on.