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Pseudo Saturn Return


February 3, 2006 (with chart)


Dear Eric,


My question relates to Saturn returns.


As a 26 year-old Leo, I have a little longer to wait for my Saturn return. However, with Saturn transiting in Leo at the moment, combined with other planetary positions in my natal chart, I feel as though I am experiencing a psuedo-Saturn return early. I certainly feel very challenged and compelled to reevaluate all my perspectives and goals in life. My karmic path seems more confronting than it has been in the past.


What are your thoughts on this?


Warmest regards


Leah the Leo


Melbourne, Australia



Dear Leah,


There is nothing pseudo about the Saturn transits you're having now. As you mention in your question, you have many planets in Leo, and Saturn is now making a conjunction to them. Here is your chart.


Students of astrology may note that Mercury and Venus always stay close to the Sun. Mercury at most goes 23 degrees from the Sun, and Venus, 45 degrees. So that means that with both of these planets, they will be in the same sign as the Sun, or an adjoining sign; and in the case of Venus, much less often, two signs away.


As a result, when the Sun gets a major transit, usually two or more other planets are in the neighborhood. This is quite the case with you; you have a nice clustering in Leo.


And it's certainly a potent, optimistic, influential grouping of planets, and I would hazard more than a guess that Saturn is there to help you turn that Jupiter potential into some solid and lasting reality. Saturn and Jupiter are great friends this way, with Saturn bringing lasting value to the visions, dreams, aspirations and pleasure-seeking tendencies of Jupiter.


While you have an exceptionally strong Jupiter chart, you are no stranger to Saturn, because you have Saturn in your ascendant. That tells us that Saturn is a strong element of your identity; in Virgo, that you're not just relying on your luck, charm and charisma, but also that you're a solid person, a deep thinker and one who takes responsibility quite seriously. You are one heck of a worker, good gods.


The association of Saturn with your North Node suggests not so much karma being a factor where Saturn is concerned, but something else called 'dharma' -- acting as if to hold the world together; right action; a serious approach to life that you must live out and act out every day.


Dharma is a sense of mission. You are truly having something of an early Saturn return, and it's one that will last for a long time. It will focus you on your mission earlier than a young person ordinarily might be, and ensure that you get whatever you need to make your own way in the world. And I think that Saturn will help ensure that you have protection from all the distraction of the world that would prevent you from doing so.


If you're curious about where your minor planets are, check this link. It's set up for your chart, presented in order off the signs beginning with Aries.


Awrynne has looked up the past postings on Saturn and Saturn returns.


And a couple specific to Saturn returns in Leo which might be helpful:


Thanks for writing in.


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