Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Retrogrades and Stations


February 17, 2006


Dear Eric:


Thanks for all your inspirational work.


Regarding Venus being stationary, you say that a planet has an exceptionally powerful influence in that phase.


I would have thought that a planet being stationary would give the worst it's got as it's 'not moving'. Isn't it even worse than when it is retrograde (that's what I have heard)?


Or maybe if something (like a relationship) needs to be fixed, but not started, it is a good time?







Dear H,


I don't feel that planetary aspects are inherently good or bad; it's all how we use them. So to say that some things are bad and others are worse and others are worse yet is, in general, a misunderstanding. I am not stating this merely as an intellectual position but rather as an approach to the work of astrology that pretty much assures we will always use it to get to a better place.


All transits are actually useful; anything can be potentially troublesome; planetary stations are definitely challenging aspects and I do feel that we need to need to watch, and use, them carefully. But they can be the most helpful and revealing, if we know what to look for. And they provide longer opportunities than, for example, inner planets usually provide. Venus making a long sextile to Jupiter makes the qualities of both of these planets available in an unusual way.


Planetary stations are important times of transition. They involve how we use time, and how we relate to the past. I would refer you to an edition of Astrology Secrets Revealed from about one year ago for much more information.


Thanks for your note.