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Uranian Gnu Lune


February 24, 2006 (with chart)


Dear Friends Around the World:


BEFORE WE meet again, the world will experience the Pisces New Moon conjunct Uranus. This occurs late Monday in the United States, early Tuesday in the UK and Europe, and later on Tuesday in Oz. For those who have not heard of Oz, that's Australia, a little island down in the Pacific. Oz is a pun on the pronunciation of "Aus" and how far away and trippy the place is -- or seems to us up here in the North.


Uranus has been in Pisces since early 2003, in the process of a seven-year journey across that sign. It's now in the 11th degree of Pisces and Tuesday's New Moon is in the 10th degree -- a close conjunction. Uranus is always full of surprises and generally does an excellent job of shaking up the world, and our seemingly private, inner worlds.


Yet in Pisces, this is a shakeup from the inside; from below; from deep beneath the waves. Actually, the chart looks a little like a seaquake. Imagine that Sun-Moon conjunction deep in the watery element of Pisces, forming an exact meeting with Uranus, the astrological lord of revolutions.


Here is the chart:


Uranus, a planet that could also be called Prometheus because it's so forward thinking, is going to send, or for that matter is already sending, a big message to the world. What's interesting about Pisces is that it's a slow-acting sign. And more interesting still is that nobody really understands Pisces, as it seems to defy so many earthly laws and has a logic all its own. So we have a fast-acting planet doing its work in the most mysterious region of space. And Pisces is slippery. You can never really define it, much as people try to from the outside; it's always like a film projected on the mists. While everyone is watching the film, the mists are doing their work.


I don't think there's going to be a long delay in this process, however. This is the New Moon just before a total solar eclipse on the Aries Point. It is the one-month marker. A lot, that is to day, a WHOLE LOT of energy is about to move. For those who have been reading this column for a while, you've heard the Aries Point come up a few times. Here is a link to a compilation of my writing on these pages that covers the Aries Point. The article is called "The Personal is Political."


So we are in this moment when deep causes will have big effects. I have been saying, and maintain, that this is THE tipping point for the Cheney-Bush administration and indeed for the fear-politics movement, and this will be apparent with stunning clarity by late March. The steam is running out and progressive forces that have been developing for the past year are beginning to show their strength. It is strength from within, however; the strength of awareness; of resolve; and of subtle determination to guide life in a positive direction.


How any individual responds to their own awareness is THE spiritual crisis or opportunity of our day. It is the essence of growth in the times we are alive. Our society is based on burying your head in the sand and pretending that nothing affects you, while you keep on rowing the boat and try to eke out a little happiness here and there. There is far more to life than this.


Mercury Retrograde in Pisces


On March 2, about one week from today, Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces. Mercury does so in an exact square or 90-degree angle to Pluto and the Galactic Core. We live through the Mercury retrograde in the weeks leading up to the Equinox (it is upon us, believe it or not). So the end of March is quite a performance, with the Equinox, then Mercury stationing direct, followed by what I am calling the 3/19 cluster: the Aries Point total solar eclipse; the Cheney/Bush Inauguration chart going off (the fuse has been lit); and Pluto stationing on the Galactic Core. Watch Planet Waves for daily updates!


Natal Chart of Pisces Paul Tibbets


Enola gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday

Aha words can't describe the feeling and the way you lied


-- O.M.D.


This week's news chart is the natal horoscope of Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay -- the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber which delivered the first atomic weapon ever used in combat. Tibbets was born Feb. 23, 1915 with five planets in Pisces. He is still alive today; Thursday is his 91st birthday. I became interested in him after getting a couple of CDs by OMD -- Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, that band that did a song back in the 1980s called "Enola Gay." I then followed Wikipedia links till I came out at his birth data, which turned out to be this week. I have rectified the time, which was not listed.


Tibbets, then a colonel, formally named the B-29 after his mother. The ship's code name was Mother and the bomb's code name was Little Boy.


Over the years, I've done a lot of the nuclear charts, but never that of Tibbets. There is an astonishing connection between his chart and the Hiroshima chart. To see the connection, you first need to find Chiron in Tibbets' chart, which is at 17 degrees of Pisces and 34 minutes. It is in the cluster in the upper left side of the chart, shaped like a little red key.


Now open the Hiroshima chart. Take a look at the horizontal line -- that is the the ascendant/descendant axis. Notice the degree number on the right-hand side, the descendent or 7th house cusp. This is one of the most sensitive points in any chart, representing the relationship to the other. At the exact moment that the bomb was released over Hiroshima, the degree of Tibbets' natal Chiron was exactly in the descendent.


This connection helps understand why it is so important not only to look at the sign that is rising and the opposite sign setting, but also the degree. This is not observed by math, but rather matching up numbers; simple observation of the chart. What does the Chiron/Pisces and descendent contact say about the event, and Tibbets' involvement in it?


Note that the position of his Pisces, and the horizon for Hiroshima at that time, squares what is called the Nuclear Axis.


What exactly is the implication of that Chiron connection? I am curious to hear back from you about that. And here is one more chart, the progressions to the Hiroshima chart. Take a look and see if you notice a truly outstanding development in this chart coming up soon -- it's in the sign Libra.


Here are two additional resources for these charts: the minor planets of Paul Tibbbets, and the minor planets of the Hiroshima chart.


Here are a few of your questions for the week. Remember that this column is sponsored by Planet Waves Weekly, the premium service of Planet Waves. Blog and photos continue daily, so see you over there.