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Near Death Experience


February 24, 2006


Dear Eric,


I am one of your avid readers, and have gotten several people hooked on your columns. I'm also a self-employed webmaster and tarot card reader in Dallas, TX (weird combination I know). I just emerged from an 11-day stay in the hospital; of which seven of those days I was in a drug induced coma and on a ventilator because my lungs seized up from a massive asthma attack. I was told I came very close to dying, and would have, if there had not been intervention exactly when there was. For 5-7 days I was listed as critical, with 50/50 chance.


Last night I started noticing the numerology of the day I went in. November 13, 2005... Hum... the 13th, a day of transformation... Then I noticed the entire day adds up to 13 -- (1+1+1+3+2+0+0+5 = 13). I find it interesting that I almost died in Scorpio, a month ruled by Pluto, god of the Underworld, on a day vibrating heavy 13 influence. My fiancee said the Moon was also close to full, and nearing an eclipse with Mars. Although I do not have any of the astrology emails of what was going on near that date. I was wondering if you would look at my chart and tell me what the heck was happening with me, and why this took place. What am I supposed to be aware of here?


Thank you,




1966, Libra/Sag Moon



Dear Shelley,


Congratulations on surviving.


In looking at any critical life event, it's often possible to see all kinds of alignments, be they symbolic or literal. In looking at the numerology and seeing the correspondences that you are, you're experiencing this directly.


The more you look, the more you will find. For example, in your natal chart, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (lungs) is exactly on your South Node conjunct Kassandra (for which one of Martha's keywords is Wasted Breath). This is in the sign Scorpio, a predominantly emotional energy. The lungs are a place where we exchange life force with the cosmos and where we tend to hold grief. There would seem to be a question of in control / out of control on an emotional level in your life, and that you often wrestle with an out of control feeling.


If you are provoked, and it would appear that there was some antagonistic energy in your environment at the time, that can send you into overload. To be sure, and as you know, this was a serious asthma attack. In induced coma is indeed a near-death experience.


Based on the hospital admission data you provided, I can see that the Moon-Mars occultation you are describing indeed preceded a Full Moon, and this occurred also on a sensitive angle of your chart -- once again, close to your lunar node, emphasizing provocation and the issue of control. So the event was 'personalized' for you, and there was a lot of Mars (aggressive, fiery, contentious or creative) energy involved. It sounds like this was some part of what you experienced as a trigger.


I would be curious to know exactly what was going on in your life for the 48 hours prior to this experience.


I have cast your astrology, and would like to present a different version than we normally do in Astrology Secrets Revealed, which is to use the progressed horoscope. As I explained in the previous question, progressions advance time one day for every year of life that we live. Thus, if you are 12 years old, the positions of the planets for the 12th day become your chart for your 12th year; this carries on through life.


Here is your progressed horoscope for the day you were hospitalized. Progressions provide a window into the synchronicity pattern in a similar way that numerology does. There is nothing objective in the 'outside world' that we could say is causing a situation, no more than we can say a bunch of numbers are doing so. However, they exist and we can read them.


To read a progressed chart, there is nothing that special that you do, except you do imagine the planets are in motion. With natal charts, though it's a bad habit astrology teaches, we tend to regard the planets as static. They never really are. They are moving (even when they are stationing retrograde or direct) but with the progressed chart, we include the movement as part of the concept. And thus we look for events that the movement implies.


A lot is going on in this chart, visible predominantly because so many planets have come into aspect with the angles -- the ascendant and the descendent.


Once again, two factors come up: a definite sense of being emotionally stifled (involving Chiron and Saturn in Pisces showing up in the ascendant); as well as a rather violent energy involving an even more precise alignment of Mars and also Uranus.


Yes, it looks like something came on fast and furious, and pretty much knocked you down. Could we have foreseen this? Hmm, well, maybe -- if you had a chance to describe your life in the presence of someone who understood your chart. In any event, all of the energetic properties do add up to something that feels a lot like asthma, which any energy healer will tell you is involved with grief and emotions.


How is your recovery coming? I know from my own bouts of asthma years ago that it can take a while to catch your breath. Please do take care of yourself.


PS, I asked what happened in the 48 hours prior and this is the response that Shelley sent back:


"Well I can tell you approx. 3 days before this happened, I had asked the Universe to send me a doctor for my asthma... one I could trade services with, because I have no insurance.


"I had also come to the realization that I couldn't keep doing web work, as it was not inline with my spirit... it was zapping the life out of me, sitting in this chair 10-12 hours per day, helping to build businesses that were not contributing to the higher good.


"So I had also just contacted by email, someone I was considering turning my work over too... and was declaring it was my intention to pursue the spiritual counseling I do with the tarot, etc. -- the things I love that make a real difference in other people's lives. It was all about getting over the FEAR (one more time) of survival, and just having faith that as long as I followed my heart, everything would be ok... so it was a major transition for me... the whole experience felt like a confirmation that it was time for a new life."


PPS, I sent your question to Christine DeLorey, a numerologist we know and love. Here is her interpretation, which she has written without having seen my response to you:


Dear Shelley:


In 2005, you were in the 7 personal year, the energy of which tends to slow you down (physically) to the very degree that will enable you to comprehend your life, and life itself, more clearly. 7 is the number of the mind, the spirit, the intellect, learning. It is masculine energy, which is seeking the perfection of true balance - which can only be achieved through the acceptance of feminine energy.


On the journey of a 7 year, there is often an unforeseen dip in the road which causes us to trip and fall. For some, this can mean getting tripped up by one's own actions which leads to a fall from grace into some kind of scandal. Others literally lose focus, fall down, and injure their physical bodies in some way. When the lungs fall, you can be sure that a massive buildup of grief is behind it.


Some people believe that grief is simply the pain of not having a person who is gone, but it is much more than that. In fact, such simplistic explanations leave millions of people holding grief that they don't know they have. Grief is the heaviest of all the emotions. It is the most heightened sense of sadness we can feel, and it occurs for many reasons other than the death of a loved one.


Being an avid reader of Eric's, you are obviously aware of what is happening in our world and, frankly, how could you not be feeling grief at this precarious point in humanity's journey. There's nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it shows that you are alive, aware, and still able to feel something.


However, grief is also a giant trigger for all the other emotions; but, if we always try to look on the 'bright side' and deny how we really feel inside, we eventually become overwhelmed to the point that we cannot breathe (asthma). We can also become 'choked' by guilt, which tells us that it is wrong or weak to let our true feelings express themselves. And yet it is fear (the fear of feeling something that could be perceived as 'unloving') which provides the fuel for guilt.


As far as the number 13 is concerned, and while transformation is part of its essence, the emphasis is on the number 4, which is derived from adding 1 (the number of independence and originality) and 3 (the number of appearances and expression) together. This is an important number in your life. 4 is your Destiny or Life Path number - derived from adding all the numbers in your date of birth.


1+0+1+7+1+9+6+6 = 31. 3+1= 4.


It does not tell you what your destiny 'is' but, rather, explains the energy, which will enable you most easily to achieve the destiny of YOUR choice. Numerology is about Free Will, not pre-destination. Here is a bit on the number 4.


1966 also adds up to 4 (1+9+6+6 = 22. 2 + 2 = 4), which can tell us a lot about the energy into which you were born and, consequently, what motivates you in this lifetime. On your day of birth, the 4 energy was intensified - for the purpose of helping you to notice how the chaos around you seems less frustrating when you accept the facts for what they are and deal with them in your own way and at your own pace. Recognize how certain things that have bothered you for a long time, simply don't matter any more. By expressing your feelings openly and honestly (instead of burying or hiding them within), you will become acutely aware of what really matters so that you can untangle yourself from what does not. This disentanglement may be the work of a lifetime - and it is a deeply emotional process which can sometimes leave you breathless.


One of the principles of the number 4 is that of priority. What happened to you in 2005 is urging you to make a change of priority, which, in turn, will produce a life-enhancing change of direction.


Your year of birth is important for other reasons too, especially the fact that it adds up to the 'master' number 22. The number 2 is becoming more and more significant as humanity travels further into the new millennial cycle which is based on the feminine number 2 - the number of emotion, Free Will, intuition, connection, fairness and balance.


Much of what is happening in the world today can be linked to the transition between the masculine 1000s and the feminine 2000s (excerpt linked below).


With so much 4 energy in your personal numerology urging you to keep everything unemotional and 'practical', it took your not being able to breathe to loosen the ties to that old programming.


This is not a matter of 'blaming' the victim but, rather, of congratulating you on having evolved past the old programming, even if it was a painful and frightening experience. If you can feel, you know you are alive, and if you can understand that what happened to you was a form of healing from disease rather than disease itself, you will also realize that it has strengthened (not weakened) you.


Understanding what happened to you is important. Now, in 2006, you are in the 8 personal year which not only emphasizes correct information but, just as importantly, correct understanding of that information. This ties in to your day of birth - the 17th (1+7= 8) which has been strongly influencing your life since you were 24 years old. In 2007 this cycle of 8 energy comes to an end. In fact, an entire 27-year era of your life will come to an end in 2007 (your 9 personal year).


What happened to you, Shelley, and what is happening now, is preparing you to get stronger - not by cutting off from your feelings, but by being able to feel them fully - WANTING to feel them fully - wanting nothing but total honesty with yourself. THAT is true intelligence.


Denial of reality has caused most of today's problems, both personal and global. Positive change cannot occur without acceptance of reality. Being able to feel how reality makes us feel is both the first and the last steps of acceptance. This is when we go 'full circle'. It is when the ever repeating cycles of numerology transform into spirals and lift us to the next stage of our evolving journey.


As a numerologist, I can plainly see the significance of what happened to you as part of your evolution into spiritual wholeness (masculine/feminine balance), but in order to describe it as I would like to, I have yet to discover the 'language' with which to do so. There is obviously so much more to you and your numbers than I could possibly describe in the course of this e-mail. However, for now, I hope that it provides a helpful numerological sketch.


With love,


Christine You can read more about this on my website where there is a detailed excerpt from my book LIFE CYCLES - Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness.