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An Aquarius Week


February 3, 2006


Dear Friend and Reader:


It's been an Aquarian week if there ever was one. In the days following the Aquarius New Moon, the world experienced the loss of Coretta Scott King, who died the same day that Samuel Alito took office as the 110th Supreme Court justice in the United States. In a surprise development, in his first judicial decision, Alito sided with a death row inmate in Missouri and blocked his execution on the grounds that lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment.


In the UK, Parliament rejected Tony Blair's plan to amend the Religious Hatred Bill, which one official described as "Completely contrary to our national tradition of free speech."


George Bush gave his State of the Union Address, avoiding entirely the budget deficits, how badly Iraq is going and the scandals of his administration. Immediately before the speech, peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested and taken into custody for wearing a t-shirt showing the number of people who had been killed. She was released was charged with a crime and was facing one year in prison -- and then Capitol Police later said she had been arrest by mistake.


I dare say it sounds like progress.


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Eric Francis