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February 3, 2006


Dear Eric,


Thank you very much for your answer to my question (see "Selling Miracles," Astrology Secrets Revealed from January 20, 2006).


It made me laugh and cry. I think it really is more about my own issues than anything. What you said, was what I suspected myself, in some corner of my mind, but after years of dealing intensely with many issues in relation to my parents, I am feeling guilty for all the time it's taking to 'recover' and ashamed of how deeply affected I have been.


My father was extremely abusive in every possible way, and is still very untrustworthy. I have gone A.W.O.L., 'cos I can't relate to him in any kind of healthy way, or rather, he can't respond in any healthy/responsible way to me. That is infuriating, 'cos I still feel connected to him in a way. I still care about him, and I don't want to abandon him altogether.


I seem to reject everything connected to him, though, assuming that it would only hurt me. Being poverty-stricken is probably a protection, from having to take the risk. I seem to feel overwhelmed at the thought of being open to helping people, and being paid in return, even though I crave the independence, freedom, power and sheer joy that this would bring.


Being paid feels like real commitment and presence, and therefore, vulnerability. I don't want to work as a volunteer anymore. I suppose I feel fragile in a way, mostly 'cos I seem to be constantly dealing with people, who don't understand, let alone, appreciate my ethics. I feel like screaming most of the time! Also, I think few people understand the true depths of human beings from a psychological/spiritual point of view. There is a point past which most people won't go, in acknowledging how profoundly connected we all are, and therefore, how deeply affected we can be, by each other.


I have always had a sense of being a monk/nun in a past life or several lifetimes, and therefore, rejecting money, 'cos it would make my connection with 'God' less pure, and my mission in life, i.e. oneness with 'God' or even 'Godliness', impossible. All this seems laughable now, but this Pope might be getting a letter too! In this lifetime, I am hopefully more 'earthy' and accepting of my humanness, but I think my mistrust of my father is still holding me back. In the past year, I have felt like I have been turned inside out i.e., my deepest beliefs and feelings, have been exposed for all to see. Talk about hellish, but it feels like a preparation, and liberating too. To give healing on the level I want to, I will have to 'bear my soul' in the true sense of the word, which is daunting, but I refuse to be a prisoner of society's boundaries/limitations.


I felt that the email I sent you last was a bit tactless and defensive, and that you reacted to it instinctively, which threw me a bit, but felt real at the same time. I was very stressed at the time, there are many dramas going on at the moment, but hopefully, the worst is over. To ask for help, feels disempowering to me in a way. I suppose I had doubts about how you would deal with it, based on past experience of the human race. You don't miss much! There have been very few people in my life that have seemed to speak the same language as me.


Best wishes,





Dear E.T.


You sound like you're on the path, and like you don't miss much yourself. As one who is working with others, you mainly need to keep a higher-than-normal level of self-awareness and I'm pretty sure you're doing a good job there.


You are correct: being paid raises the level of commitment for everyone. But it's not mandatory; you are free to waive your fees for anyone you want. And that does not lower the level of commitment for anyone.


You mention language -- it helps to learn the language of as many people as possible, so you can understand what they are saying whether they come to you from the traditional Yoga path, are talking about Atlantis, or just need your loving attention.


The people come to you for assistance, but there is not one who will not teach you some core skill about what you are doing. When people offer themselves sincerely to the assistances of others, this tends to happen with such precision that it's a beautiful thing to behold.


If indeed you are going to live outside society's boundaries and limitations, you need to be very well prepared, take care of your own stuff, be willing to work as much as you need, and be pretty gosh darned disciplined. As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young say, you must have a code that you can live by. And as Dylan said, to live outside the law you must be honest. But you can't jump out of the universe.


Please keep me posted as to what you learn. These are certainly interesting and necessary times to be embarking on your adventure.