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Living Overseas & Relocated Charts


February 3, 2006


Dear Eric,


I'm a subscriber to your site and live in Rhinebeck NY...not my long time home, as I've moved around a fair amount. After reading your horoscope this morning about getting my plans out of my head and to the ground, I thought why not ask about living overseas. I'm a Gemini Sun, Aries rising, Pisces Moon.


I've been feeling the call to move to Ireland for many reasons, which I don't have to get into...but was wondering, as you are an American living abroad and working, any general reflections?


I have a business I could transplant both locally and globally (Internet) and a son who may be living in Dublin but that's unforeseen as of yet, and wouldn't be the make or break point to going there.


Also, I had my relocation chart looked at and the planetary aspects running through Ireland were powerfully positive. How do you feel about using that as a guideline?







Dear Kat,


First a few comments about relocations. You are in a great position to judge whether relocation horoscopes work for you, mainly by casting charts for several places you've lived and seeing the ways in which the chart matched up with reality. In order to be a good locational astrologer, I feel it's necessary to have lived a number of places and you do qualify.


This will give you the basis for assessing whether you can trust your Ireland relocation chart. But mainly trust your heart.


Living overseas has its challenges; we don't realize how pervasive culture is, until we change cultures! But it's really an amazing and life-changing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is able to do it, and if possible, to do it when you're young.