Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS



February 3, 2006


Dear Eric,


I met Anna in October and we dated slowly until mid-December. I ask a lot of questions as I like to know someone and so I did that. I adore her and just about everything about her; there's nothing I can say in a negative fashion about her.


The but is from 2000 until last year I spent much time healing and coming into myself and I have a strong idea of who I am and what I need to include within relationships. So my hesitation with the beautiful Anna is that I see her starting the process I just finished (!). I see a lack of confidence and ability to communicate in her and those are two things I greatly need.


However, I'm told often by friends that I'm crazy and being too particular...if everything else is great, can't I just be patient with her? Why forego something that has so many great things? Etc, etc.


And with this Venus retrograde, or for whatever reason, I'm thinking a lot about her and wondering myself if I'm not being too particular as I do so enjoy her company and so many things about her. And that hasn't happened in quite some time but I do recognize much of that is because of the process I went through.


Sooooo, I'm on the fence with it.


And there's a new moon in two days that I'd love to make a wish on!


Basically, do I re-connect with Anna or do I just let it go and choose to be secure in my prior decision?







Dear Patricia,


Arwynne responds...


I took a look at their charts... and there are obviously a lot of similarities that would seem to indicate shared perspectives on life and contribute to enjoying each other's company a lot. However, I have no idea what their chances are in the "long term," -- and, after studying the astrology of every relationship of mine and my family/friends over the years, my conclusion is like Deckard's at the end of Blade Runner (you know, NOT the Director's Cut), "Who does?"


So, I guess my advice, using whatever expertise I've got, would be to listen to your own intuition about the relationship; you know, the opposite of that voice that warns you when you're in danger (or maybe that same voice). If you can't stop thinking about a person, and you enjoy their company so much that you can think of nothing negative to say about them, I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to be with them...especially if you feel you have something to offer them from your shared experience of the same "life" issues.


But, of course, if there IS a voice telling you it's not right -- and, now that you're alone and it's been a month, you regret listening to that "picky," judgmental voice…? Then, you need to be honest with yourself and let it go. You don't spend five years "coming into yourself" only to ignore your own intuition, right?