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Happy Solstice!


December 23, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Friend and Reader:


Capricorn Solstice was the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 21. We have a chart with a lot of inner planet activity: note that Mercury is conjunct the shrewd and justice-oriented asteroid Pallas Athene, as well as square Uranus; Venus is stationing retrograde in an exact conjunction to Chiron; and Mars is in a close square to Saturn. We are still under the effects of that "French Fixed Cross" I wrote about a few weeks ago -- look at how Mars is aspecting not only Saturn but also Neptune and Jupiter; there is the cross.


By now, however, we are getting accustomed to this energy. The thing is, you need to use what you learned in the prior experiences, then you get your money's worth.


As usual, the Sun approaching the Aries Point during the past week came with a wave of developments -- in particular news that the Bush administration had been spying on Americans, which has drawn sharp criticism from both Republicans and Democrats; imagine that. This revelation emerged in under the combined influence of Mars and Mercury stationing direct (across the ultra powerful Taurus-Scorpio axis), and last week's Full Moon in Gemini. Note what they have in common: two entire axes of the zodiac were activated by the events: Taurus/Scorpio and Gemini/Sagittarius.


In addition, we had the Sun make an exact conjunction to both Pluto and the Galactic Core: major cosmic Roto-Rooter action.


From our discussions of the progressed horoscope of the Inauguration back in October, we can infer that the spy business is a pretty big development. Remember that the progressed Gemini Moon in the Inauguration chart has made an opposition to Mars in that chart (at the time Scooter Libby was indicted in late October) and is heading for an opposition to Pluto in late March -- at the same time as a total solar eclipse on the Aries Point (8+ Aries to be exact, close enough for all purposes).


On the personal level, the combination of the inner planets going direct, and the hotly aspected Full Moon passing, seem to have brought a sense of relief, just in time for the holidays. However, I would remind everyone reading that there are many people in the world who have a hard time during this time of year, so please think of the people you know and see if you can help out with phone calls or invitations.


If you are someone who struggles with holiday depression, you are not alone! And your perceptions are not the least bit odd -- we're all put under a lot of pressure this time of year to do and be things that many people just have no real interest in, or where we have nobody to participate with. You can help by reaching out to the people you know and speaking up about your situation. Please don't be afraid to ask if you need help or company.


This week I'm busy working on the Parallel Worlds 2006 annual edition of Planet Waves, with forecasts for the whole year. This will include forecasts for all 12 signs as well as a solid collections of articles on both the astrology AND the news. Have a look at the link for more info. Note that you can preview the major 2006 charts at this link.


This week's edition is almost entirely written by readers -- your comments on the astrology of 2005. Thanks for sending them in! I'll catch you next week with your 2006 preview edition. Then we'll go back to taking reader questions in January. Daily updates and new photos continue at


Eric Francis