Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Aquarius Ingress


January 20, 2006 (with chart)


Dear Friend and Reader:


We're back this week with some Q and A in the Q and A column. This is our 80th edition of this project! It's my intention to re-focus the column on personal questions rather than the news, which became the major focus last year, given how much of the stuff there was.


For sure, when something big happens that I know a lot of people will be curious about, you'll read about it on this page, But for now, let's keep the questions as on the individual level as possible. This will of course be easier said than done when the Aries Point total solar eclipse shows up in late March.


First, though, let's take a quick look at the Aquarius ingress of the Sun on Friday morning:


Aquarius Ingress of the Sun


Aquarius is a whole different energy than we've had for the while: not only is there a sense of opening up, but Aquarius tunes us in to the technological world that is so present in our lives now. And there is an unusual sequence of events in Aquarius, including the Sun-Mercury conjunction that leads into what I'm calling the Parallel Worlds aspect: an extraordinary alignment of planets that takes place between Feb. 2 and 6 (coverage in the Planet Waves cover blog).


A few notes on this chart: The location is The Hague. Note that Venus is still retrograde, and will be until Feb. 3 (changing directions in the midst of Parallel Worlds alignment, see Planet Waves cover blog for more details). Mercury is heading for its exterior conjunction to the Sun, which will Jan. 26 in a conjunction to Chiron.


In the current chart, the Moon is on the South Node in the 9th house. This makes a sentence like "letting go of old beliefs, or the "refusal to commit either way to one's beliefs." Mars on the 5th house in Taurus is daring and passionate, and trine a lot of Capricorn planets, so the door is open.


Pluto and Pallas are rising in Sagittarius: authority, with diplomacy. Politics, with impact. A fierce protective spirit. Impact in the world of ideas.


Please tune in for details at Planet Waves. Look for the homepage for the Astrology Secrets Revealed (this Q and A) project, complete with a newly updated search engine of all questions so far.


Here are some new questions and reflections for you. Thanks for your letters -- please keep them coming.