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Family Affairs


January 20, 2005


Dear Eric,


My daughter seems to be going through my childhood, with the same insecurities / feelings I had (sometimes even the same sentences -- that she has never heard me say in her earthly lifetime) although she has had a vastly different upbringing. I was brought up by grandparents who should have lived in Victorian times -- no love, no nothing -- big fat zero. Now, is this an imprint on the brain, passed down to mother and child? I was reading that scientists have discovered that if the mother -- and even ancestors -- went through a period of anxiety, it showed up chemically in the child's make-up. We know so little of the wonders of the brain and wouldn't that be great if we could tap into our ancestors lives through stimulation of a particular neuron, but I digress -- or is it something to do with the planets (I'm May 1958, she's June 1993). Perhaps a bit of both. I certainly know it is nothing to do with nurture!


I'm asking because I know you do the children's horoscopes, and I was wondering if any other mothers had asked a similar question.







Dear Kay,


A pioneer named Dr. Stanislov Grof has discovered some unusual evidence of the phenomenon of information being passed from generation to generation in his work, described in the excellent book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. But if you ask me, it's really simple: if all the information that makes a human being can be passed from one generation to the next, why shouldn't some memories get passed along as well?


Human DNA is the most astonishing computer ever conceived of. I have no doubt at all that the memories, knowledge, teaching, experiences and feelings of many prior generations are recorded in the DNA and passed from generation to generation. Where these memories fade, there is a huge pool of tribal memory behind them, a pool as big as the Atlantic Ocean.


Just because we don't see this in operation doesn't mean it's not happening. In the old days we would assume that if someone came from a family of shoemakers, they got the talent from growing up in the workshop and watching dad pound away. But it's just as possible that the information went from one generation to the next.


All kinds of interesting stories are documented with adopted children who had no contact with their bio parents, who in essence followed in their footsteps. There are many cultures that worship and respect the ancestors with deep reverence for this and many other reason. Many cultures believe and live as if the ancestors are still among us. They have plenty of evidence for this, and if we would look, so, too, would we.


Neurologists are another branch of scientists that have uncovered some unusual connections between parents and children that we might not ordinarily think of. For example, in the book A General Theory of Love, the authors discuss the effect of the fetus developing within the mother of the body and constantly being subjected to both her emotions and the vibrations of her voice. We are learning language before we are born, and we are tapping into our mother emotionally because we are part of her.


Neurologically, we remain a "hot ball of clay" for the next two years as the limbic system, the part of the brain that processes emotion and contains memory, develops. During this time we are usually in the environment of the family of origin and we are tuning our mind to their frequencies like musicians tuning up before a show. This is as close to hard wiring as we can get, which explains a lot about why the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and why family patterns and indeed all emotional patterns seem so intractable.


Homeopathic medicine provides some clues as well. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, its discoverer, developed the theory of miasmas, which are essentially disturbances and disease roots that are passed from one generation to the next, energetically. It's not about genes (unknown at the time) or the environment (too simple to account for the whole effect, as you are seeing) -- there is just simply an energetic transfer from parent to child, and also, within communities. So a good homeopath can, if necessary, treat the unresolved states of the parents that we may contain within us that are troubling us in some way: as psychic disturbance or physical disease.


Last, there is karma to consider. There are a lot of ways to look at this, but one way to see it is in the astrological chart. The alignments between parents' and children's charts are astonishing and, once you can see the symbols, astonishing and undeniable. The coding for this is somehow contained in the temporal order; that is, the passage of time. But the picture of the relationship between the generations is evident, as are many subtle images of the roles that the children and parents play in one another's lives.


I feel that it's essential for anyone studying astrology to look carefully at the charts of their parents, and to look at their own birth chart as a transit experience in the lives of their parents. We are an experience that happens to them, as much as they are an experience that happens to us.


Heck, we're all happening to one another all the time.


I hope that opens up the subject a little bit.


We'll take a more complex and challenging question on this subject next time.