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Planning C-Sections


October 28, 2005


Dear Eric,


We are expecting our first child -- the estimated date of birth is Nov. 17, 2005, but he is currently in breech position, and it is likely we will need to schedule a c-section. Is there a date between now and November 17th that will be more fortuitous for our child, should we have to select one? He will be born in Los Angeles, California.


Many thanks for all the advice over the years!


-- Planning in LA



Dear Planning:


Your question is actually one of many of its kind. I would say we get about one request a month or so inquiring about the best birth time to birth a c-section child.


It sounds like you're in a situation where you may actually need the procedure, but if you have a discussion with a midwife or two, you may learn that there are non-invasive ways to turn a baby and thus spare everyone the experience of surgery -- and to have the experience of a natural birth. Generally, in this world, natural is better.


Without getting too deep into the discussion, there is in fact a question about whether many c-sections are necessary. And the only way to find out is to do some research and speak to people who have been involved in a lot of births. This includes a second medical opinion and the opinions of midwives, who I consider to be among the most helpful health professionals in the world. However, you don't have a lot of time to decide, so for you, the procedure may be the best way to go.


Regarding the astrological aspect of the question, I think it's possible to do the work and make the calculations and to elect a good time to do the birth. These considerations can be based on both the best time for surgery, as well as the best time for a birth itself. So there are really two major factors involved. And the chances are that an alternate time will need to be selected, in order to work with the hospital for times available.


As astrological readings go, it's a job that takes work, including astrological calculations and interviews with both parents. It's not the kind of thing I would want to evaluate in a Q & A column. And it's something that I would only entrust to a very experienced astrologer.


Pending a discussion with one of the parents, I would consider taking such a project. If you or anyone is interested, please contact my office via my web page.