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The C-Section Update!


Dear Eric,


Thanks for the answer/advice re: the "planned c-section." We were actually planning on trying to have our baby turned around 10am on 10/26, if it appeared possible. My water broke prematurely at 2:45am the night before and he decided himself to come out that day instead! Welcome to life with our perfect, new little Scorpio!





Dear Leslie,


I'm really happy to hear that. We got quite a few letters about turning a breech child -- there are many holistic methods. This is why I recommend prenatal care with holistic practitioners as well as medical doctors -- this way, they know your case before you need them. And as I've said before, I worship the ground midwives walk on and suggest that all women, even if they are not pregnant or have no intention to have a child, keep contact with a midwife as their co-primary healthcare provider.