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The Future


November 11, 2005


Hi Eric,


I really enjoy your blogs and the site. I came upon you via Cainer's site. My view of the current political situation is that from the jaws of despair we shall gain a new understanding of the world and ourselves...not necessarily in that order. This cabal of power appears to be slowly disintegrating and as the onion is peeled the world will see just how deep and dark this rabbit hole truly is. The outrage will have its own consequences. We require a new paradigm. It is much too obvious that the old one is not only broken but is beyond repair. Perhaps we could envision our wildest and grandest dreams and see them manifest as this current order unravels. What would it be like for humanity to truly care for one another? Seeing in each face and body themselves? A world without borders... Hmmm... Wonder what the stars say... Is it true we can see a 1,000 years of peace as is predicted in the Vedas? I suggest we stay alive, stay bold and we will certainly see the outcomes. May all beings everywhere be happy.


Steve St Clair



Dear Steve,


Here is what comes to mind. In considering the long-term future, we need to consider the short-term bridges that get us to the next stage one at a time. And in a few years, we will embark on the journey of Pluto in Capricorn.


And for that, I would envision a world where people take personal responsibility for their actions, for their healing, and for helping society work. I envision a world where people are strong enough to not be scared of being free.


As we complete the journey of Chiron in Capricorn in the next couple of weeks, and as we look at what has come to the surface in the four years of this transit, we see precisely what happens when people give up responsibility and trust power blindly.