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Hello, Mr. Eclipse


October 14, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Readers:


So much has happened since we've last been in touch on this page -- though it's been just two short weeks.


We are clearly in the full effects of the Interclipse Zone. Monday morning's lunar eclipse in Aries is just vibrating with change and with something that feels really strange besides -- PROGRESS.


The pace of the world and of consciousness is moving in its own indescribable tempo. Perhaps faster than usual (but the acceleration quality of time seems to be going on nearly constantly), but more concentrated, and more meaningful. Maybe I'm projecting, but I get the feeling that everybody knows something and everyone knows everyone knows it. There is a cosmic rumble. The cat can hear it. The dog is scratching at the back door. Your hamster is wiggling her whiskers, a sure sign.


And at the same time, a lot of people on our planet have been thrown into some major catastrophic struggle and loss. "World events," which are really just local events that we hear about, have been coming on fast and furious. Bombings in Bali (followed by much fear and protests), Hurricane Stan and the floods and Earth slides in Central American and Mexico (not to mention the continuing aftermath of Katrina and Rita), the avian flu issue suddenly rearing its head after at least a year of causing problems in Asia (a coming-out prompted by a little help from a 'presidential' press conference on the subject of using the military to stop a virus -- brilliant), the Iraq war going absolutely horrendously, terrorism scares in New York City and Washington DC, a U.S. Supreme Court chief justice taking over and another one nominated (causing a big fuss because she's allegedly not strongly enough against abortion for the taste for some), more weird power outages in LA, huge developments in the Valerie Plame spy outing scandal that could easily rock the Bush administration next week -- then one of the worst earthquakes of our lifetimes (again), in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


This is the past two weeks, cousins. Not two years. A mere fortnight. I am sure I forgot several significant events.


For those who cry, there are not enough tears. For those who just shake their heads in bewildered astonishment, what we get is the One World effect: that is, these events combine to create a kind of shocking reminder from glancing at the newspaper or watching BBC for 45 seconds that we're all living on the same planet. And then there are people who recognize the change, who know that this is a moment of convergence: I trust that you're one of them.


If outer events are coming at us faster than we can process, there is sure to be some corresponding sense of movement on the inside -- and that inner sense is the real point of confirmation. You may be wondering: is this me, or is this me and everything else? Correct!


Yet I don't hear a lot of people complaining. I'm not getting the kind of emails where people are freaked, typical at eclipse time -- rather, the readers I'm hearing from are writing about their personal revelations (we hear from some this week), and for the most part approaching the changes of their personal lives with a sense of adventure.


That sense of adventure is a major survival tool in times when unprecedented change comes on fast, as are a few other psychological properties: curiosity; sense of community; and a calling to participate in some way, be it from becoming politically active to making art and music. Many are struggling with a "sense of purpose." Forget purpose! Just participate! As our awareness goes up, there is the one critical question of how we respond, the choices being on the one hand with a sense of love, involvement, creativity and community, or on the other with fear and a sense of division. This is the variable to watch, to feel and to act on.


Now -- astrology. I've received requests to go over many of the charts for the events I've listed above, but I think we have to keep our eyes on the present and look just a little bit ahead. But I want to make sure you have access to the Pakistani earthquake chart, which is archived at Planet Waves at this link -- and make one comment only. The Sun in the quake chart is at 14+ degrees of Libra; this is the EXACT degree rising in the chart for Sept. 11, 2001, and the degree of the rather potent Mercury in that chart -- Mercury being the very key to 9/11. For reference, here is the Sept. 11 horoscope. It makes an interesting meditation to wonder how these events could possibly be connected -- and they may not be. But even the Committee to Debunk the Paranormal would have to admit that the Pakistan earthquake Sun occupies the exact ascendant of the 9/11 chart, and makes an exact conjunction to the Mercury. I leave it to you to decide what it means.


Here is the chart for Monday's penumbral lunar eclipse. This is the quantum chart for our moment. I'm going to publish it here in the ultra fancy format, with the Uranian points, and provide a link to the simpler version.


For reasons that will soon become exceedingly obvious, these charts are cast for Washington, DC.


Now, I am not a big freak for the Uranian points -- those eight hypothetical planets with really long, circular (not elliptical) orbits that don't have physical bodies -- but I am fast becoming one. After watching them fairly consistently for 10 years, I have come to accept the wisdom of the teaching that when the Uranians show up for the party, it's gonna be a hot one. They are a little like seeing Mick Jagger's Ferrari parked outside in the driveway.


The first thing I noticed about this eclipse is that the Sun (blue circle, left side of chart near center line) is exactly, to the degree, conjunct the Uranian point Apollon (black glyph that looks like Jupiter, with a 24 next to it). That means the eclipse itself is opposite Apollon and that gets a big Gee Whiz. As we covered last week, Apollon is a kind of super-Jupiter; a lucky star; and a point with the keyword COMPREHENSIVE.


The second thing I noticed about this chart is that the Chiron discovery degree, 3+ Taurus, is exactly in the descendent. This makes the whole Chiron phenomenon angular, that is, prominent, and high on the agenda. The discovery degree of Chiron is very nearly as meaningful as Chiron itself. What is this phenomenon about? first Chiron keyword is AWARENESS. Chiron mavin Melanie Reinhart (interviewed by cousin Yasmin, while out on one of her astro-sleuthing missions) says TRANSFORMATION.


Okay, let's put it all together: TRANSFORMATION THROUGH AWARENESS. Looking a little deeper, Chiron is about the connection of the metaphysical to the physical; the presence and influence of the unseen world in our affairs; and the rewards of faith and the dedication to healing. Chiron bridges the personal and the transpersonal worlds, like so much of the other astrology we are seeing (note Aries Point discussion below).


Whenever there is a lunar eclipse or Full Moon, the Part of Fortune is always on the 7th house cusp (that's just how it works). So we have the Part of Fortune conjunct the Chiron discovery degree. To make matters more interesting yet, the eclipse is square Chiron, activating that point (as well as Nessus, not depicted) and so we know we've got some energy movement. And the Sun's position in the eclipse occupies the degree of the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction last week; and in fact, it's conjunct Jupiter within a few degrees. And conjunct Vesta.


But let's take a look at something fun: Jupiter square Chiron, which is happening exactly right now, and has just passed exactitude in the chart -- but it's still firing out its energy. Chiron-Jupiter aspects are extremely useful. Let's go to the video tape and see what Barbara Hand Clow has to say about this aspect. To wit:


"Jupiter square Chiron strengthens the will and the mind, and activates consciousness about social justice and freedom. These natives are revolutionary, but you might not notice it for a while because they are subtle and refined while they are busy working on a very long-term and radical plan. They will be history makers, but in unique and imaginative ways, which often involve magic or art. The consciousness is rather like Jupiter conjunct Chiron, but the square forces the energy into long-term manifestation."


She uses Carlos Castinada as an example of someone with this aspect.


Okay, so we have a chart that involves a long-term plan for social justice and freedom, something comprehensive, the dedication to healing, awareness and transformation, and a big point of change; a threshold; a point of no return -- the eclipse itself.


Chiron has stationed direct and is getting ready to leave Capricorn a rather different place than when he entered in late 2001. We know so much more now than we did then -- to say the very least. Yes, it seems like some powerful people have stolen everything, taken control of everything, flooded everything and eaten everything. But it isn't over till it's over, and it ain't over yet.


One last very huge, colossal point from this chart, in the name, mind, body and soul of SATURN. Look up on top of the chart, see that pretty green Leo symbol with the arrow, and the pretty green planet? That is Saturn in Leo, on top of the chart. Saturn in Leo, of "When the Molasses Levee Breaks" fame. Saturn in Leo, the guy who gets the job done. Saturn in Leo, who takes pride in having integrity. Even if you took away all the Uranian points and Chiron square Jupiter and the Chiron discovery degree and most of the other New Agey stuff I've mentioned, even an astrologer from the 14th century, even Claudius Ptolemy himself, would look at this chart and say, "Jeez man what the holy heck is UP? An eclipse with Saturn in Leo on the MC? Good heavens." Well maybe not exactly that, but you get the idea.


Mr. Aries Eclipse is a moment of reckoning. Later in the weekend I'll be posting to Planet Waves an article on the developments in the progressed 'presidential' Inauguration chart which suggest we're not going to see fireworks in Washington DC -- but rather someone is about to set the whole fireworks warehouse ablaze. So put on your goggles, put on your thick leather gloves, and stand back. I feel confident enough to say that some bombshells are coming, and that there will soon be multiple indictments in the Valerie Plame spy outing scandal, and we will get a good look at the guy behind the curtain. And the effects will be profound. Indeed, inspiring.


But that is not enough. Not in my opinion, anyway.


Here is my reading of appropriate action in our moment: get ready to work for social justice. In fact, why get ready when you can just start? Social justice is also the privilege and right to do what you came to this planet to do, and I know you're hearing that calling. The massive blocks to progress are about to fall apart in a most utterly bewildering way. The veils obscuring reality are about to fall like so many silk curtains, Berlin Walls or whatever you like. There is a moment of freedom coming. It may be a long moment; it may be a short moment; it all depends how well we are able to keep transcending ongoing threat and fear.


This will be commingled with a moment of potential and to some degree, chaos. And in these moments of freedom, potential and chaos, the question is: what is your organizing principle? What is the code that you live by? Service? Creation? Passion? Healing? Can we find others who will help us do that, and will we come to the assistance of others seeking their freedom and healing? The lack of leadership on the world and national levels in some very real ways indicates a lack of leadership on the inner level, in all of us. "The King" is really a metaphor. And when we see that there really is no outer king and all these mean stories they told us about the Universe were not true at all, then we get to make a decision; we get to decide which signal we're going to pick up on, and what to do with that information. The thing is, you already know. Here are some of your questions from the past couple of weeks. See you over at Planet Waves, with daily updates, lots of pictures and the article on the progressed Inauguration chart.