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Spotting Major World Events


October 14, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric:


Greetings! As I sit hear in Houston, Texas preparing to take cover from the approaching Hurricane Rita, I can't help but to marvel at the relevance of astrology and it's predictions of such major events. A couple of weeks before the Tsunami I had a dream that my kids and I were in a city that was being ravaged by flood waters, and that the entire place was in a panic as everyone sought out higher ground to no avail.


Once the Tsunami occurred, I thought maybe that was the meaning of my dream...and then Katrina hit New Orleans. Now after two weeks of watching constant media coverage of New Orleans' nightmare, and seeing our city filled with hurricane evacuees, Rita has arrived. No doubt you've seen the coverage of thousands of Gulf Coast residents stranded in their desperate attempts to escape the possible wrath of Rita. Our city has been changed forever, regardless of Rita's effects.


Am I frightened? No, not really... I feel a strange sense of calm. My attempts to evacuate failed for various reasons, and it almost seems as if Rita does not want anyone to leave. I can only hope this is some great sign that we will all be much better off here. My questions are; in situations such as this, do individual charts reflect such major events as a hurricane?


Would there be some astrological connection between Louisiana and Texas at this point?


My birth info is: March 4, 1967 in Houston, Texas at 1:50 pm.


I always identify with your particular method of seeing and explaining the world from an astrological perspective, and would really appreciate any insight you can share. Thank you





Dear Rena,


First off -- how are you doing, and what happened?


Second, regarding astrology. Major world events will show up in just about any chart you check, but the picture will be somewhat different in each. In the case of an event like this affecting you and your family personally, there will of course be associated transits and progressions.


And some people will show clear connections to public events, though the 'meaning' or use of those contacts is not always known to them. But it is there; they may be more or less aware of it; you seem to be more so.


Let's see what you've got going on. Here is your natal chart:


Now, just to prove I'm psychic, I gave your chart its name before I saw it; I typed it into the info card before the chart appeared. Oddly enough, the name rather applies.


The first thing I noticed is that you have Saturn exactly on the Aries Point. For more on this point (which seems to be a perpetual topic of Astrology Secrets Revealed), please see the next question -- but suffice it to say, as a point of beginning (pardon the pun), this is a very personal connection between you and current world events because so many of them are influenced by or connected with the Aries Point (or the first degree of Aries). And you have the mighty Saturn there, plugging you in on the collective level, on the level of your life purpose, and in a leadership role (all Saturn attributes).


This has a lot more to do with recent events, however; it's a permanent feature in your life purpose and has been since the day you were born. We don't know much about what you do in life or what you feel your calling is; we know that you're tuned in and that you possess and express a genuine element of faith; but there is something more, a mission, and it's exceedingly likely that with the Aries Point under nearly constant activation since June 21, 2001, you are slowly coming into an awareness of what this is. But I would not dare to speculate all that much.


To emphasize the point, your Capricorn Moon is rather close to the very beginning of that sign -- just one and a quarter degrees away -- which makes it, too, in a direct aspect or energetic connection to the Aries Point (also explained in more detail below). This aspect has a tireless quality; some ability to carry a piece of the weight of the world or global karma. You do not do this by choice; your missions would be apt to find you, and you would know, intuitively, what your personal responsibility really is. Or you would just follow a calling and see where it leads. The chances are it will lead you beyond yourself, beyond the small world we are all taught to live in, and into experiences where you are connected with many people in a direct and meaningful way.


Notice that Venus is in Aries at 10 degrees -- exactly opposite the recent annular solar eclipse. And the coming lunar eclipse occurs in your 10th house, suggesting that you are becoming aware of a goal, aspiration or calling -- and notably, it is conjunct your natal Pallas, a minor planet (asteroid) with many overtones of guardianship and public responsibility.


Considering your transits for a moment, notice that Jupiter in Libra is in your 4th house, the house of home, family, security and emotional grounding. This transit could say protection as much as it says flood. It could say both at once. Jupiter is about to go into Scorpio, at which time it will make a conjunction to your natal Mars (daring, creative, passionate), enter your 5th house (more of that daring and passionate stuff) and then cross your South Node, tapping you into an inheritance of knowledge, power or skill of some kind.


Taking a brief look at your progressed horoscope, I see many of the same ideas. You had a progressed New Moon about 2 and a 1/2 years ago, at which time many things seemed to empty out and begin again; like the great odometer of life turned over -- a little like your own personal Y2K. Your progressed Moon is now in Taurus, making an exact trine to what I will call your "sixties astrology" -- the aspects in your chart that come with being born in the mid-60s.


This is definitely a time of hearing your calling. Listen carefully, and do what you know is right.


Here's a link to my Born in the Sixties series. Maybe there will be something for you there.