Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS



October 14, 2005


Dear Eric,


Thank you so very much for your insight and perspective. Although I have studied astrology for close to 30 years, your understanding and depth goes far beyond your years.


My question is this. During the morning of the solar eclipse (Oct. 3, around 5:30 am in Dallas, Texas), I was having a dream of talking with the Buddha. Now, I am not a particularly religious person (having faith more akin to a pagan/mother nature type of architecture) but have always found the story of the Buddha beautiful and profound. With that said, during our conversation I told the Buddha that I realized that the "god/creative force" was in everything in the universe from the smallest of atoms and creatures (whereas I held out my hand and on the tip of my index finger was a tiny ladybug) to the greatest of creatures as himself; that I knew that it was my mission to love all of the divine, but that some folks were just plain hard to love. I confessed my fear that I was not doing a "good job" at being able to love everyone! At which point in the dream he placed his hand on my shoulder and assured me that I was doing "just fine." Whoa, at this point my entire body began to shake in an ecstatic state and I woke up... What a surprise -- what an experience -- what the heck -- and what will the 2nd eclipse bring?


Peace brother Eric





Dear Sister Stephanie,


I am publishing your letter to share its subtle beauty with our readers around the world -- I think many will find comfort in it -- but I would not want to predict what the second eclipse might bring. Buddha in person is a tough act to follow. But the Full Moon, as I'm sure you've noticed, is often an expression of the New Moon. Your experience, however, touches me as something that has lifetime value; it speaks of an authentic turning point in your life. Can this be anything but a pure affirmation of where you're going in life?


I once dreamed that I received the personal blessing of the Pope -- in a men's bathroom! Years later, I see this in a whole new light.