Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Making Things Flow


October 14, 2005


Dear Eric,


First of all, thank you so, so, so much for sharing your compassion and wisdom with us!! Your writing has helped me, and many friends, in ways that are beyond description. Thank you. I have been reading a lot about all these eclipses, and I have been experiencing this strange feeling of emptiness and confusion. My birthday is on the 18th of October when the lunar eclipse is, and I have five planets in Libra, plus transiting Uranus conjoining natal Jupiter.


Normally I follow my intuitions very easily and always felt lucky how things unfolded. But now Jupiter is making conjunctions to my Sun, Mars, and Venus, yet I'm stuck! How could I make things flow again? Thank you for your insights.


I was born on October 18th, 1974, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, China. Very best wishes to you and everyone at Planet Waves!





Dear Ananda,


No need to rush it. The transits you're having now, including both the eclipse and the Uranus transit to Jupiter in Pisces, are going to be unfolding for quite a while, as they probably have been already. Also, the main event -- an eclipse of the Moon on your birthday -- has not happened yet. But it's certainly one of those things we could call personal in nature; the cosmos talking to you directly a little like Buddha inviting you in for tea.


Eclipses represent breaks in continuity. So therefore, we might want to leave the door open to information or experience coming to you in a whole new way. Eclipses also have their most tangible effects over a period of six months or longer, so with such a precise event as this, we also get some astrological guidance on the time frame of action or effect, at minimum.


With any astrological event, it's helpful to look at the imagery and use your imagination to get a sense of the 'meaning'. This is pretty much the easiest and most effective way to read a chart. Check out this obvious setup: your Sun (solar nature, expressive self, the masculine aspect of you that seeks to create and be at the center of your world) is being opposed by an eclipse of the Moon (inner nature, feminine aspect, intuitive side, receptive side, personality). We get the image of a polarity; of an opening of a doorway or gateway in a relationship; and a shift in all your ideas about relationship. It may represent someone close to you going through a big change, or coming into your life, or leaving, or some of both involving more than one individual.

Uranus to Jupiter in Pisces is quite exotic, and there will be surprises that I imagine would take you to far-away places and introduce you to ideas you had never considered.


I can, however, certainly relate to the feeling of anticipation relating to an eclipse. So hang loose and see what shakes out of the cosmic tree. It's a big freakin' tree, my friend.