Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


September 2, 2005


Dear Eric,


In your PlanetWaves monthly column, you urge Cancerians not to make any new financial or personal commitments before the end of the year. In my case, a series of events has already been set in motion and it's all falling into place with very little help from me. I have to give my boss (of ten years) a decision on leaving by September 1 and am probably going to relocate, find a new job, and deepen my commitment to a two-year relationship. All by October 1. No problem. You know how Cancerians love change.


I could stay where I am in terms of location. I could probably charm the man who loves me and has been waiting for me to take this relationship to the next level into waiting for a few more months. But if I have to stay in my present job, I may just lose the three marbles I have left. It's been tough since... well, forever, but the last five years have pushed me to the limit. Am I making a big mistake?







Dear Maria


In life, no matter what horoscope columns say, you need to follow your intuition and that means doing what feels right, now -- and any good astrologer will tell you that. You seem to have an idea of what this means, judging from the tone and content of what you've written. Also, where such important decisions are concerned, when it's time to do astrology, it's a good idea to carefully go over the natal chart for a couple of hours and really see what's in there -- assuming you don't have enough information to make up your mind. Which it seems quite nicely that you do.


That being said, the Cancer column for August was the one time in my astrology writing career where I looked back at the column and wondered: What was I thinking? When I checked back about a week ago and got the chart out and went over my work, it did seem to be rather cautious, and to not take into account a rather excellent window of opportunity that is opening up for Cancerians right about now (not exclusively for them, but that's who we're talking about). However, I could see that I had specific reasons for urging caution, mostly associated with the approaching Mars retrograde, the ongoing series of Mars-Neptune squares, and the upcoming solar eclipse in Libra.


But reviewing my work, I got intuitive confirmation that I said the right thing. In hindsight, I would have suggested a pause until Mercury was done being retrograde before going ahead with assessing modest plans. And I would have suggested being open to change. With all the activity in Libra (the solar 4th house of Cancer), the base of support, the rooting, of people born in Cancer is certainly shifting. But back when things felt a lot more uncertain, with Mercury about to be retrograde in the 2nd house of Cancer (Leo), it seemed like a healthy assessment not to make new commitments for a while -- particularly while that was in effect.


Here is how I stated it in the September Planet Waves Monthly column (for Cancer):


"The next six or eight weeks arrive with a series of turning points and moments of truth regarding where you are, and how this relates to who you are. As usual, the crux of the issue of where you call home has something vital to do with your relationships, and maintaining a sense of balance within them. The truly surprising discovery may be that you don't have to do anything, or go anywhere, for certain long-overdue changes to occur. But then, Uranus in Pisces does offer a kind of worldwide lure to adventure, which you would be wise to allow a voice, and take for a long run in a big field. At its essence, the astrology of early autumn is a reminder to keep your ideas about life loose, not take the opinions of others too seriously, and to make your mark on the world where it matters most -- in your own heart and soul."


And in Inner Space Monthly, for September, the House and Home horoscope (for Cancer):


"To take advantage of developing aspects in the emotional and domestic angle of your chart, you must presume not only that your needs are going to be taken care of. You need to open your mind to all that you know is possible, and much that you hope is possible. You've proven to yourself too many times that your own negative thinking gets in the way more than anything, and it's time you got the lesson in the most constructive and positive way. So keep active track of what you want, what you need, and what you know will make you feel right."


I am curious to see what Yasmin and my other colleagues have come up with for Cancer this month. Perhaps we can do a little review of how other astrologers have handled this sequence of events.


Thanks for writing -- and I'll make sure my other readers get this letter, in case they need it too.