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Spring Loaded Friday


August 26, 2005


Dear Readers:


Friday is a spring-loaded day. It's the last of the Mercury-Mars squares, which may help release some of the tension and reveal some of the mystery associated with the recent Mercury retrograde; as well as the last quarter Moon, which can slow things down and help bring some focus.


The Sun is now in Virgo, which brings the last month of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the southern, as we approach the rather potent turning point of the equinox in less than one month from now.


Notably, Venus in Libra crosses the degree of the Oct. 3 annular solar eclipse in the next 24 hours, revealing something of the nature of that event. It's a South Node eclipse, so we may want to keep our eyes on the past for information and an image of resolving past issues, whether from the distant or recent past, in relationships. Perhaps resolve is not the precise word, but I do feel a sense of resolution, whether it's in the form of letting go or someone coming back; whether it's a sense of understanding, or seeing people and events in their place. Only time and experience will tell.


Speaking of, this week I've taken one question only, from Alexandra. It's an in-depth look at one person's experience of her chart, something approaching a real astrological process. I don't profess to answer the question -- only to raise some awareness and see where the discussion goes.


It's based on an email exchange, to which Alexandra consented to be published. Thank you Alexandra -- we'll send out your ephemeris soon.


Please keep those questions coming, and see you over at Planet Waves.