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Chiron as True Ruler of Virgo?


August 5, 2005


Dear Eric:


When I first heard about Chiron on Jonathan's pages he said that there was a possibility that this was the true ruler of Virgo. As a Virgo (26th August 1946, 3.15pm, Glasgow, Scotland) I really feel empathy with that idea, particularly as in the last few years I have trained as an holistic therapist (Aromatherapy, Reflexology, IHM and Reiki master) and would like to take this up full time once I retire from my day job. I also seem to have a stellium in Libra with Chiron and would like to know if this has significance. Have astrologers advanced any more in their thoughts about whether Chiron rules Virgo? Also, has there been a recent transit of Chiron which might account for my wish to take part in healing therapies? I would be very grateful for some enlightenment on this.


Thank you


Maureen 'Namaste'



Dear Maureen


The discussion about what sign Chiron 'rules' has been going on since astrologers first started working with the planet. I am something of a purist as far as rulerships go, and I feel that the ancient system of what are called 'essential dignities' is best left intact. I am cautious about saying that Uranus rules Aquarius, Pluto rules Scorpio or Neptune rules Pisces. I will always -- always -- use the ancient ruler (Saturn for Aquarius, Jupiter for Pisces and Mars for Scorpio) first before attempting to use the modern one.


I think there is a lot of room for discussion about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and I think we need to know a lot more about how these planets evolved into their current meaning at all, as part of understanding the role of Chiron and other new planets. Often it is one astrologer who says something that catches on, and there is little actual discussion, either sooner or later. Often people come out with horrifying interpretations, like the Devil has been discovered, then over time, the other influences are seen.


Seeing the affinities with the signs of the zodiac helps astrologers be more objective and balanced in their views. Clearly, Chiron has an affinity with Virgo. Indeed, in many ways it seems to be redefining Virgo, and helps explain some of the intense properties of this sign that are not satisfactorily explained by Mercury, the traditional ruler: the focus, the dedication to service, the affinity for teaching and healing, the depth of intelligence, the long-term commitment, and most of all, the revolutionary spirit that seems to come pouring through Virgo.


You are an example of someone, and I have met many people by the way, who live out this Chiron aspect of Virgo. Some of the most revolutionary women I've ever known, and some of the greatest healers, have strong Virgo signatures. Chiron seems to blend in with these traits and qualities quite well, though we cannot forget the Mary/Isis aspect of Virgo -- that is, the Goddess.


Yet there is also the Sagittarius aspect. We can't really ignore the fact that there is a huge Centaur in the sky in the direction of Sagittarius, or that a Centaur is one of the most commonly accepted and traditional symbols of this sign. Chiron is likely to be that Centaur, as he was allowed to leave the Earth plane and live on the 'higher' astral plane in the form of this constellation, Centaurus. From this bit of mythology, we can learn a lot about Sagittarius and a lot about Chiron.


Sagittarius represents the 'quest' aspect of Chiron -- the spirit of pursuit of one's goals, of searching the outer world, of seeking for oneself through travel and education, and most of all, seeking awareness of one's higher self. I think that the Sagittarius and Virgo aspects of Chiron go together quite well, and provide a real point of balance.


But then there are the opposite signs, Pisces and Gemini. I am not ready to make the assertion that Chiron is 'poorly placed' in these two signs. I am much more familiar with Chiron in Pisces, as I was born in this era, as were many of my peers. And this placement seems to provide a genuine and heartfelt quest for God and for the spirit of the cosmos. Not one's own higher self, but rather the much greater cosmos that we must live in whether we recognize it or not. Certainly, recognizing our place in the scheme of things is a beautiful theme of modern spirituality, with all we're learning from science, which is often verging on mysticism these days.


As for Gemini, I think Chiron in this sign has a lot to do with healing the dualism that characterizes the physical plane -- the inescapable interplay of opposites, polarities, and dark and light. And there is the ever-important emphasis on relationship that Gemini is such a necessary part of.


So, to sum up, I think that the discussion of the affinities of the outer planets needs to be open-ended, open minded, based on a balance of theory and experience -- and most of all, creative.