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Predicting Violence


August 5, 2005


Dear Eric,


I have read many, many horoscope sites, but your site is the one which on a weekly level in particular has always seemed spot on. I was born in Greenwich, London on Aug. 20, 1954, and I once read in a horoscope book (not one of Jonathan's!) that anyone born on Aug. 20, 1954 would die of stabbing! As I was at the time a youth worker, I handed in my notice soon after -- what a horrible thing to write. In fact, I still look over my shoulder! I teach teenagers with learning disabilities and a few years ago young lady with serious personality problems chased me around the kitchen with a pair of scissors. Once again I was haunted by the thought of being stabbed to death. When this young lady left I breathed a huge sigh of relief. If you do look at my chart and find the time to contact me, I sincerely hope the prediction was wrong. If however…


Anyway, enough of that keep up the marvelous site. I thoroughly enjoy consulting it.


Many thanks





Dear Maria,


I would have to really reach into my most paranoid fantasies to come up with a more irresponsible thing for an astrologer to write.


What many astrology writers forget and some know too well is that astrologers have influence in the lives, thought patterns and spiritual journeys of their readers. I think that what was printed by this writer was the worst kind of abuse of that trust. Personally, I think it's tricky enough predicting anything, and most astrologers these days lean more toward, "If you have a disagreement, work it out honestly" than they do, "You are going to have a disagreement." Even Mystic Meg tells you what you should have for dinner rather than trying to predict it.


One does not need a degree in psychology to figure out that this is more responsible, easier and more useful; it's merely making better use of the opportunity to communicate with the person who is reading and whose life may be affected for years by an off-hand remark in a general audience book or horoscope column that could reach literally anyone.


I would add that there are quite a few people who use astrology as their highest form of spiritual guidance, at least the kind that comes in print. Many people take astrology very seriously and it can, at times, carry the authority of 'word from on high', particularly if it is accurate from day to day. So when something really, really negative like that comes up, even randomly, it can be horrifying, and the more into astrology one is, the more frightening it can be. Fortunately it does not happen that often -- but it happens. There was the time I did a Tarot reading for a terrified young client who had just called the same hotline I worked for, and was told that she was pregnant with a space alien's child.


The question you face now is what to do with the fear, that sense of looking over your shoulder. I personally don't have a special fear of being stabbed but I can tell you that I would be bothered by such a comment; most people would. What we all need to remember is that idiots write about astrology too; heck, they write about lots of other subjects so why not the stars. I have been spoiled by the work of kind, conscientious, ethical and basically accurate astrologers. Most people who wander around this region of the Internet get that kind of treatment. This is not true of everywhere. That may help your rational mind deal with the prediction.


With any troubling astrological or psychic prediction, I would also suggest cross-checking. Do you have any other independent verification of that particular idea? In reality, you have done exactly that, writing to I suggest that everyone seek a second opinion on spiritual matters about which you are having doubts -- but choose your advisor well.


Looking at the astrology for the day you were born, I see nothing that seems particularly violent, much less that specifically involves stabbing. Mars, the planet that about 99% of astrologers would look to first for a question involving a sharp object or anything violent, is having a pretty good day, close to the Galactic Core in Sagittarius, awaiting a trine from the Sun and Mercury. That suggests that confrontations of those born that day can be worked out rather than needing to be acted out in some less friendly way. There is a spiritual approach to confrontation with Mars in Sagittarius and so much working with it in a harmonious aspect from Leo. With Mercury well supported, there is the clear ability to talk about things.


What's interesting, though, is a conjunction that suggests you may be obsessed by the idea of death, even a little more than the rest of us can be. There is a close conjunction of Mercury and Pluto close to your natal Sun. Mercury plus Pluto can certainly put the idea of death into a person's mind, or show that they have a belief to work out. You seem to use this astrology by working in tricky situations with people going through big changes. But I can see this as a possible source of an obsession with something that another person might have forgot long ago.


I suggest you take the thought pattern of that astrological prediction, and the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in your chart, a little deeper. There is something there for you. Death, transformation, surrender, dangerous information, sexuality and obsessions in general are subjects that can be covered by that conjunction. There is also a sense of needing to know the truth about all things all the time, and to live them outwardly with fearless honesty. If you run through that list in an introspective way, checking in with thoughts, feelings and experiences, you might make some discoveries that help you figure out what you really have on your mind.


Meanwhile, poo to astrologers who say mean things to their readers and terrify them for years. Fortunately there are not so many, and I'm happy to know none of the kind.


More about what to do when 'astrology goes wrong' at this link.