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Is Saturn Evil?


August 5, 2005 (with picture)


Hi Eric,


I'm not quite clear about the role of Saturn for people who happen to have that lovely planet as their ruler. Some of my friends look at it as being 'born under a bad sign'. Can you fill me in a bit?






Wrightwood, CA



Dear Zita,


I have a bold idea: here is a picture of Saturn taken from the Cassini Space Probe. What do you see?


Saturn is an entirely necessary energy. In the world of humanistic astrology, that is, astrology that is equally rooted in the human realm and the celestial realm, most astrologers assess the planets on the basis of their utility. We would all be in a lot of trouble without Saturn's gift of helping us structure and order our lives, set boundaries and be clear about what we must do.

It is true that in ancient astrology, Saturn is counted for a 'malefic' planet. But both astrologically, spiritually or psychologically, or any other way you want to measure, I can see no justification for this. Saturn is, however, an energy that we need to respect, work with and ultimately master if we are going to have a fulfilling life.


I suggest you give a little sneer to people who demonize any planet or any energy. Each and everyone has its uses; they can all be abused; as people who delve into the world of astrology, we must make allies out of each and every one of them. But particularly Saturn. To understand astrology, one must understand, appreciate, work with, deeply respect, and not forget to laugh at Saturn.


If you want a good book that makes it easy, check out "Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs" by Melanie Reinhart available at Midheaven Books or the Astrology Shop in London. For a commercial book, take a look at "Astrology: A Cosmic Science" by Isabel Hickey, available just about anywhere.