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Newsletter Launch and Mercury Retrograde


July 22, 2005 (Incomplete Answer)


Dear Eric,


I am launching a newsletter and right now, I am hustling to try to get it out before the Mercury Retrograde.


Question, what should happen or is to be expected if I put it out during the beginning of retrograde? My partner in graphics seems to think that one can rise about the retrograde and carry on as usual, however, I know better. Would the time that the newsletter goes out be considered the birth of my newsletter, or is the birth considered when I began to work on it?







Dear A


Anything worth doing is worth waiting three or four weeks for Mercury to station direct. The fact that you're ready to go at the time of the station suggests you might not be ready. If it were my project, I would wait till the station direct. You will improve your work, have new ideas, and find flaws in your thinking that can be turned around into creative benefits. Waiting does not guarantee success, but it raises the probability of it substantially. But you can only find out what you will learn and develop in the next three weeks by pausing and seeing what's there for you.


The station-direct is August 16,