Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

The 6th house


July 29, 2005


Dear Eric,


I just finished reading your article on empty houses. I have five planets in Virgo in the 6th house. I am worried, as Virgos do, about Pluto in Sagittarius squaring my Sun at 29 degrees in the 6th house, in another couple of years. Could a difficult health problem occur at this time? What might I expect since Saturn will also be transiting my 6th house as well? Doesn't seem like it's going to be a picnic now does it? Thanks so much for your time.





Dear Mary,


First off, I suggest you put aside your Virgo worry, and live for the day. Pluto will not conjunct your Sun-Mars conjunction until December 28, 2007. However, if you're concerned about squares from Pluto to Virgo planets in your 6th house, I would ask about the story of your life between 1996 and 2003. During that time, you experienced your Pluto square Pluto aspect; and then some time later -- peaking in 2001-2002 -- Pluto and Saturn squared your Mercury and Moon.


So, you're not a beginner to Pluto squares, and in truth, you've just come out of a very long phase. What have you experienced, in the way of changes, developments, progress at work, and the general state of your health? Are you taking any better care of yourself than you were 10 years ago?


But it's true, you're working your way toward a kind of grand finale, though trust me -- there will be plenty going on in the world to match the intensity of Pluto squaring your Sun-Mars as Pluto makes its way out of Sagittarius through 2008.


Your Sun is in what's called the Aneretic degree of Virgo, which really means it's in one of the final two degrees of that sign. Some call this the "void of course Sun" and others use the more fancy term; the point is that the placement holds a lot of intensity.


The exact conjunction to Mars is interpreted by modern astrologers as a plus and ancient astrologers as a weakness; to me what it signifies is your own attempts to get control of your sense of direction, your will, and your drive. I would imagine that a lot of your creative and sexual energy gets invested into fear and anxiety, and/or is challenged mentally. You allude to this in your question, but I think your situation is a bit more intense than you're letting on.


Among the many themes of the 6th (health, work, the workplace, service, thought processes, uncles and aunts) is the sense of wellbeing (thank you, Sally Brompton, for that key). In your case, the sense of wellbeing has much more to do with your mental state than your physical. In a sense, the only thing that can really hurt you is your mind, by self-criticism, fear and over-obsessing on mental issues rather than taking action and expressing your energy.


You will feel better when you express yourself, when you help others and when you take care of yourself; you will have things to do besides worry; and most of all you will get to BE you in a direct and real way.


Here's an article I wrote recently that approaches the question of when the Sun or important planet is in the last two degrees of a sign. It's a little bit down in the article, which dates back to early last winter when Mercury was also retrograde in a fire sign (Sagittarius).