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The Galactic Core


July 22, 2005


Dear Eric,


Please could you point me in the right direction to find an ephemeris for the Galactic Centre? I found one for 1900-2000, but I would like to know where it is now. Many thanks if you can help with this.


Love and best wishes


Sue (aka Astral)



Dear Astral


The Galactic Core is a fixed point, so it does not orbit the Sun and thus moves extremely slowly. Because the Earth wobbles, all the fixed stars appear to move about one degree every 72 years. Based on this, the position of the Galactic Core as of this month is:


26 degrees of Sagittarius and 55 arc minutes. Sabian Symbol: "A sculptor at his work. The ability to project one's vision upon and to give form to materials."


I used the French-published Aureas Ephemeris to locate this position.


For those interested in the fixed stars, here is a chart to their locations and one version of their meaning. Remember that all the meanings are based on one point of view and others will provide many different ideas. You need to work with a point to really find out what it means to you.


And here is another resource.


Note that fixed star listings don't generally discuss the new points -- such as quasars, galaxies, black holes and other related points -- which are the modern equivalent of fixed stars.


If anyone is curious, I can get into those another week.


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Additional research and ideas: Michelle Perrin