Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Sun Opposite Moon in Natal Chart


July 8, 2005


Dear Eric,


I understand that I have Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces. Since these are "opposite" signs, does this mean I am well rounded, or just confused? Lots of water in my chart (ascendant is Cancer) so maybe I'm just a "mud puddle"!? Please tell me what Sun and Moon in opposite signs really means. Thank you for your time and consideration.







Dear Renee,


Remember that different aspects mean different things to different people. Everyone born under the Full Moon is going to interpret and express that event differently in their lives. While there are many ways it can affect your psyche, one quality I've been tracking for a long time is how people's parents get along depending on the lunar phase they were born under.


I got curious about this when I read in one of my favorite astrology books a long time ago that people who were born under the Full Moon had parents whose relationship was tense and polarized. Rather than accepting this without checking it out first, I started listening to my clients' descriptions of how their parents got along and contrasting this with their Moon phase at birth.


What I learned is that hardly anyone's actually parents get (or got) along, regardless of where their Sun and Moon are placed. You learn all kinds of interesting things when you become an astrologer. But the position of the Sun and the Moon will reveal something about the WAY they did or didn't get along; something about the dynamics of the relationship that is copied over into the client's personality.


Then the client hast to deal with it. And that's often a lifetime growth project.


Now, you have the Sun and Moon, two of the most important things that describe a person's experience of life, at opposition. Rather than give a definite meaning, let's consider some of the ways that feels in general.


-- There is polarity between your Sun and Moon. There's a feeling of having two distinctly opposite sides of your nature, two approaches to life, or two distinct identities with this. With the Full Moon, the difference in viewpoints is clear.


-- The Full Moon is a peak of energy. It's like high tide rather than low tide. Because of this, quite a few people are born under the Full Moon, and it would be interesting to check statistics.


-- Symbolically, we can infer that this peak was somehow expressed in your parents' experience of having you come into the world.


-- The Sun in Virgo is intellectual and wants to think clearly, whereas the interior-oriented Pisces Moon is quite emotional and non-intellectual, and lives in a world of feeling. These two forces can cause a type of tension in between what one wants and what one needs.


-- Oppositions work in relationships, all relationships. This would include something about your parents, as well as something about how you relate to people.


But here's an interesting thing to consider. On our planet, we generally consider things to be opposite when they are male and female. However, at the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon always occupy signs of the same gender polarity. While you could debate the wisdom of this until the oxygen ran out of the atmosphere, all the opposite signs are the same gender. Aries and Libra are "masculine" signs (despite being ruled by Venus and Mars, respectively). Taurus and Scorpio are "feminine" signs (despite also being ruled by Venus and Mars, respectively).


Isn't that interesting? Libra is a masculine sign ruled by Venus. Scorpio is a feminine sign ruled by Mars. It's very yin-yang the way the masculine and feminine energies contain and contrast with one another. Astrology works with some very subtle concepts associated with the notion of "opposite."


And as these come, Virgo and Pisces are not so opposite. They have a great deal in common: an orientation on service, a natural sense of spirituality, being hard working, being nervous and many other traits. The yin-yang of the personality are in complete opposition and therefore possess a type of true harmony. But you may have to work quite consciously to maintain that harmony, particularly by honoring both sides of your psyche. I am sure there are times when one side dominates the other and you find that you've gone out of whack.


This will often happen as the result of a relationship situation. With Cancer rising and a Pisces Moon, do you really have a sense of where you begin and where everyone else ends, particularly on an emotional level? You might want to investigate that one. That Virgo Sun of yours definitely wants the facts.