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Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in London


July 8, 2005 (with chart and photo)


Dear Readers:


Thursday morning's bombings in London have sent the UK into shock. For readers outside the country, it's important to recognize that England is a densely populated island community, and as such, it has a much closer-knit emotional and psychological feeling than most other places. Events tend to have a powerful impact on the whole nation, which in a deep and meaningful way responds like a family to national tragedies.


On behalf of everyone at, I offer condolences to those who have lost loved ones, and to those who have had their lives shaken by these unwelcome developments. Most of us are experiencing some level of grief, fear and uncertainty in the wake of the news. This is natural; staying in touch with friends and loved ones will help.


It seemed appropriate to provide our readers some information about the astrology, so we're adding the chart and this introduction to the regularly prepared "Astrology Secrets Revealed" column, which follows.


If there was a warning about these events, it came in the form of the Capricorn Full Moon two weeks ago, exactly on the summer solstice -- an extraordinarily large event on a deeply sensitive part of the zodiac. This was the first of two Cap Full Moons; the second is July 21, in about two weeks, as this past Wednesday July 6 was the Cancer New Moon.


To have an exact lunation on the solstice means that the Sun and the Moon simultaneously aligned exactly on what was, in the Northern Hemisphere, a high-energy point for the Sun -- the longest day. This involves the Aries point because the four days where the Sun begins new seasons are all connected in a kind of energy circuit.


In my article on the Cap Full Moons two weeks ago, I wrote, "These early degrees of the cardinal signs (those on a cross beginning with the first degree of Aries, which is the first degree of the tropical zodiac) are hot, hot degrees lately, they have wide impact, and this grand cross makes aspects to the charts for many recent news events going back even unto the autumn of 2000."


That article, with a number of predictions, is here.


Among the "many news items," I was referring specifically to the Sept. 11 attacks, and numerous subsequent events, which were preceded by a solar eclipse on the summer solstice on June 21, 2001. The bottom line with an exact lunation on the solstice is an event that will affect many people in a far-reaching way. These old eclipses can have impact for years.


Wednesday July 6 came the New Moon in the sign Cancer exactly between the Capricorn Full Moons. It was a big day -- the day London was granted the Olympics for 2012, as well as during the G8 summit in Scotland. And this is in the midst of vastly important news in the US, including the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor this past weekend, and many developments in the situation involving the Karl Rove / Valarie Plame spy situation that relates to how the US and the UK wound up at war with Iraq (please see for background). So this series of lunations, aspecting one of the most important Sept. 11 charts (the June 21, 2001 eclipse), are quite literally setting the world into motion.


As part of the background, we also are right on the cusp of Saturn moving into Leo and opposing Chiron -- a portent of big change (see main article below, on Saturn in Leo).


Here is the chart for Thursday's bombings. I will give it a basic look today, and continue this discussion on the Planet Waves homepage, available to everyone, on Friday.


The late Leo ascendant (see left side of chart, horizontal line) shows a well-developed situation; this event is not the result of something new. It would appear, based on that ascendant (which is just about to exceed when the chart is really useful, at about 27+ degrees) that we're at the beginning of the end of something.


The Sun, located at 15+ Cancer, is square Mars at 17+ Aries, as well as square the lunar node. Mars, notably is exactly occupying the degree of the April 8, 2005 solar eclipse, and the Sun is about to square that degree.


We have the feeling of something "going off" and because it involves two eclipses, the recent April 8 eclipse and the more distant, pre-9/11 June 21, 2001 eclipse; thus we have the image of an event with a widespread impact. And the Sun is square the nodes. The Sun square the nodes says "turning point." Note also that the Sun always represents the king or the president, so it's a turning point for our leaders. And the Sun is applying to Mars; the Sun is doing the pushing, but it's also the thing at the point of change. This could be very damaging for people now in power.


Mars, on the North Node, is right in the 9th house cusp, suggesting a foreign enemy combatant. But -- because Scorpio rules the 4th house of home and security (Scorpio) -- we have an image of a domestic enemy as well, but cloaked in secrecy because it's associated with Scorpio.


The late degree Cancer Moon also speaks of a well-developed situation. However, because the Moon is at new phase, there is the sense of something just begun. It's as if one cycle is completing and another is beginning at the same time. But they are two different cycles.


What does the Moon represent? In this chart, it has a double or even triple meaning. First, it's the ruler of the 12th house (because Cancer is on the 12th house cusp, so the Moon rules that house). As such, it represents the "secret enemy" who is depicted by the 12th, and all the secrets of the 12th. But the Moon always represents the people themselves, that is, the general public; and it always has a lot to do with the question at hand.


Saturn's position exactly on the cusp of the house of secrets is very strange. It's as if Saturn is standing there guarding a lot of secrets. We've seen enough of those secrets leak in recent weeks (think: Downing Street Memo) to know what else might be in there.


And that Saturn is about to come under the spotlight. The Moon is about to make a conjunction to Saturn, sitting on the 12th house cusp. Note what is in the 12th proper: Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo. That looks like a lot of money, or like money is a hidden issue. Or that the hidden issue is "worth a lot," whether financially or spiritually. Note that the Venus and Mercury, representing the secrets or the money, are in Leo; note that the Sun, which rules Leo, squares Mars, the foreign combatant. We get a picture of whose money or wealth is at stake, and what is being fought over.


There is much else in this chart. It is rather shockingly apropos of the event itself and of the connection to history; the question is, how will the public respond? How will we experience that Moon conjunction to Saturn? Moon-Saturn-Cancer looks like heavy emotional fear, which would be by far the worst way to respond, in the long run because fear makes us susceptible to believing what is not true.


This chart, with its confusion between domestic and foreign, between friend and enemy, fear and security, and with its strange sense of secrecy, is very reminiscent of the Sept. 11, 2001 chart. But the difference is that the 7/7 chart has the sense of an imminent confrontation, and we, the people are a lot more involved. I'll have more to say on Planet Waves Friday.


Please stay tuned.


Yours truly,


Eric Francis


Paris, France