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Deep Throat Revealed (or, The Aries Point Strikes Again)


June 3, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Readers:


The day that Mark Felt revealed he was 'Deep Throat', the mysterious source who informed Watergate reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and helped topple the Nixon administration, there was an unusual aspect: the Moon eclipsed the planet Mars.


This happens a few times a year, and when it's happened recently, there has been an interesting development. I was actually waiting to see what would happen. On one occasion, two years ago within hours of a Moon-Mars occultation, David Kelly, the British arms expert, was found in what authorities claimed was a suicide. This was highly suspicious. Then later that year, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California. Based on alternative and mainstream press reports I read at the time, circumstances and plans surrounding his election go back quite a long ways and were rife with shall we say suspicious details.


So from an astrological standpoint, the revelation of the most protected secret in modern journalism history did not surprise me, and just lent more credence to the power of this aspect. From a news and historical standpoint, it's a very big deal. For reference, Deep Throat was the guy who would meet Bob Woodward in underground parking garages and keep him and his reporting partner Bernstein on the trail of the story. It would be worth renting the movie 'All The President's Men' to get a feeling for the relationship.


We don't have a birth time, but we do have a birthday -- so we have one version of his chart. Here it is, using 1 degree Aries as the ascendant (called a 'natural chart'):


Felt was the #2 man at the FBI late in the Nixon administration. The #2 position makes a lot of sense because the #1 dude is not likely to violate the sanctity of his office; such people are more in the spotlight. In Felt's chart, we have a Leo with a Pisces Moon; someone who is in the spotlight (Leo), but anonymous or also in the background (Pisces). He has quite strong Pisces, actually: with Chiron and the North Node in that sign as well, he is able to see, feel and perceive the big picture.


Felt also has an interesting conjunction in Gemini: Mars conjunct Saturn. This combination represents a person who is extremely strong in his views, but also grounded and restrained.


Notably, he also has quite a lot of Cancer in his chart, particularly Pluto and Neptune, as well as Venus, adding a personal connection and a deep layer of feeling. My take is he did what he felt was right -- not necessarily what he thought was right. All that water placement makes for a person who is guided by his feelings. The Leo adds an aspect of honesty, clarity and a flair for the dramatic.


It's worth noting that Pallas Athene, an asteroid with distinct themes involving government and protection, is heavily aspected in his chart. To start with he has it in Scorpio, the sign of secrets. It's square Uranus -- a rebel. It also squares Mercury in Leo -- adding all the imagery of the media; he was indeed a media star, it's just that few people knew of his existence and fewer of his name.


Pallas is sextile Jupiter in Capricorn -- a rebel for a good cause.


When we look at Felt's chart around Nixon's chart, we see a stand-off between Cancer (representing the people, in Felt's chart) and Capricorn (representing the establishment, extremely strong in Nixon's chart). The kicker is that Felt has Pluto in the first degree of Cancer. Those who have been following this column may have read my many tomes about the Aries Point -- that is, the first degree of Aries, or any cardinal sign (Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), indicates someone or something having a vast public impact. Two recent examples are the Asian tsunami and Sept. 11 attacks.


Deep Throat is a living testimony to the Aries Point.


This is a good time to mention that on the Cancer solstice in a few weeks there is a Full Moon across the first degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. This is on June 22. I have been meaning to say that there will be big news around this time -- something very big -- and the revelation of Deep Throat is merely a warm-up to the games. Among other things, we will see something come to full fruition that has its genesis at the Cancer solstice total solar eclipse of June 2001. We shall see what.