Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

I See Dead People


June 3, 2005


Dear Eric:


I am very spiritual and have a few deep connections with people who have been terminally ill. I seem to attract people who truly need to talk before they pass on. It is usually talk about their past pains that they have never discussed. I feel blessed for being there for them in that capacity.


After their passing I have had encounters from them in my sleep. They are usually showing me someone they love, who I also know. I have also had the older man who passed ask me to contact his son and let him know he has something to say to him.


Eric, how do I do this without people thinking I am completely nuts? Should I even attempt this? Some people feel strongly that when a life ends… it ends. Some people can't even fathom what I am talking about. What do I do with this information I receive?


Thank you soooooooooooo much!





Dear Lisa:


There is a great tradition for what you do. The only question is can you personally keep yourself sorted out while you process these experiences? I would say you're a good candidate. It doesn't surprise me that you're a Pisces. But you also have quite a few other planets in Pisces, including Chiron, Venus, and Saturn as well as the Sun. The presence of Saturn and Chiron suggests that you can have good boundaries, and Chiron suggests a higher purpose or healing mission for this very Piscean work you do.


You also have exceptionally strong Virgo: Uranus, Pluto, Mars and the Moon. So you have grounding; you have an intellectual basis for understanding what you do, as well as some Earth energy to keep your feet on the ground.


You don't need to advertise your services, or even talk about them. You just need to go about what you do. It's really your option to do it 'professionally' -- that is, to accept money -- which I don't feel will corrupt your work in any way. You are obviously someone coming from the place of a pure heart, and people who need you seek you out.


It's worth adding a few words of caution where any psychic matters such as this are concerned. It's important to make sure this does not take over your life. Excessive drugs or alcohol don't mix with this work (the less the better; none is best); neither do people who do drugs and alcohol as a way of life. They have a way of wearing out the protective boundaries that help us define who we are.


Along these lines, I suggest you dedicate a room in your home to this work alone; call it a healing room, or some such title. Get yourself in the habit of letting the inner door to the spirit world open in the appropriate place and time. If someone wants to work with you, do it in that space if you can; of course, if they are too ill, you will need to work in their space, and you can develop good habits.


If messages come through your sleep, I suggest you catalog them in a notebook, and keep a little fence around the garden that way. Track your progress in writing, if you can. This will help you notice changes in the long run, help you observe how you relate to your work, and give you a sense of what has gone on in the past, which is rather easy to forget in the work that you're doing -- but quite important. And it's a great idea to have people, or someone, who shares your spiritual values, who is more experienced than you are, who you can go to for feedback about what you are experiencing. By the way, it may be someone younger than you are.


Take care, enjoy the service you offer, and please tell my Aunt Josie I said hello!