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Identifying Aspects -- Plus Exaltations


June 3, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric,


This may be a really silly question but... is there ever an occasion when each planet is in the sign it rules?


Also, I wonder if having fewer aspects in a chart is a good thing? I don't seem to have much going on with interactions between planets, but tend to think this means less causes of friction? But maybe I am optimistic :)



Tina Louise



Dear Tina Louise,


Gawd, I hope not. The person would disappear into their chart. Plus, it would be a chart with a 'splash pattern' -- all the planets spun out in a circle. These are challenging charts because we all need focus and concentration in order to get anything done in life; fortunately most charts have unevenly distributed planets, and this provides people with the leverage they need to get through the day. A pile of planets really helps. It's not easy, but man, it's good for you.


Often that leverage is also provided by planets being allegedly poorly placed in signs. A planet can function exceedingly well in a sign opposite the one it rules, or where there is no apparent relationship. It does so because it can gather attention, energy and effort and in a sense, build itself up to something greater than it could be otherwise. (This is how Chiron works anywhere, and the effect is the same when a planet is in a sign it is not supposed to get along with. It's a bit of a pearl in the oyster effect.)


As for your chart, you have quite a few aspects, including a stellium in Aquarius offering many conjunctions for you to sort out (Saturn, South Node, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars), as well as a number of squares to those planets from Neptune, which will take you very nearly forever to figure out but which will teach you a lot in the process, as well as an opposition from Chiron to Pluto (many people have this, and it's quite interesting and works very well to bring out the highly compatible energy of both planets), Mars opposite Uranus, and not to mention a wide but meaningful Sun-Uranus opposition that is the very essence of an the opposition aspect.


You have LOT of aspects. I have not even mentioned many sextiles to your Aries Moon. I suggest you pay for a real printout of your chart from a true chart service


-- Jonathan's online chart service.