Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

The Aries Point Cometh


June 10, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Friends,


There are two aspects approaching that are likely to have some impact on the news, and to prod our personal lives to the next level. It's interesting that astrology sees the connection between our private or individual existence and its connection to the larger public life a lot more clearly than we do. One of the great issues of our times is that we tend to see ourselves as separate from the world in which we live. The news is kind of a show, and unless something actually happens in our backyard, it's more or less irrelevant. It affects other people or other countries.


Astrologically, we are now entering 'the personal is political' territory -- as in, take the news seriously, think about your relationship to the world, and consider how you impact what goes on around you ? and how it impacts you. We're steadily moving into one of those extended moments when we'll be able to see and feel the connections, and where the level of energy increases quickly.


Last week, here and on Planet Waves, I continued the discussion of the Aries Point -- the mysterious first degree of the zodiac that possesses this 'personal is political' theme. The Aries Point is related to the first degree of the other three 'cardinal signs' -- those signs which, with the entry of the Sun, begin the seasons: Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


A precursor to the story is that earlier this week, on Sunday, June 5, Jupiter stationed direct in Libra, close to the beginning of Libra and quite closely opposite the Aries point.


The next point of transition involves Mars going into Aries on Sunday, June 12. This means that Mars has been in the last degrees of Pisces for the past couple of weeks -- not so easy for many people, as the end of any sign is sensitive, and Pisces is particularly so. So Mars entering Aries may come as a relief to quite a few people. And it's also going to stir the global pot.


As Mars gradually approaches an opposition to Jupiter, the Sun moves through the late degrees of Gemini, and approaches Cancer. The Sun's ingress to Cancer on June 21 begins summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern, but in either case, it's a turning point. In either hemisphere, a peak has been reached; in the north we're at the longest days of the year and in the south, the shortest. Difficult to believe that soon, the days start getting shorter for those of us up north who just seem to have come out of that long winter.


Less than 24 hours later, with the Sun still in the very first degree of Cancer, the Moon enters Capricorn and makes an exact opposition -- also called the Full Moon. The fact that this occurs exactly in the first degrees of the cardinal signs is truly meaningful; not exceptionally rare (maybe there is an exact lunation right in the first degree of a cardinal sign every couple of years) but it's still meaningful and somewhat unusual.


Maybe it's just because I've been paying attention, but the Aries Point seems to be very active now. I started noticing in the summer of 2001, after a total solar eclipse of the Sun (including a New Moon, as solar eclipses always do) occurred four hours after the Sun entered the sign Cancer. Now, for the first time since, we have an exact Full Moon on the first day of summer. While not an eclipse, it is aspecting the exact degree of a very powerful eclipse.


This is followed by two significant developments in July: Saturn changes signs to Leo, and Chiron makes an exact opposition to Saturn for the fourth time (of the current cycle), and for the first time with Saturn in Leo. So, this reminds us that next week's Full Moon may symbolize events that happen a month or two down the road, that is, some time in the coming season.


Those of us watching astrology and the developing history of the modern world often wonder what will ultimately trigger a real change. It's very difficult to say, and many astrologers have incorrectly predicted many changes that should have already happened. Part of what complicates the problems is that vitally important things surface and make the news that seem to have no actual effect, in reality. People in positions of corporate and political power these days seem to be entirely disconnected from the effects of their actions.


And on another level, many, many people seem to be so involved either in a) surviving, or b) their ideas of how life should be, that it's difficult for us to notice, or to stand up and make any fuss at all.


The world is an extremely complex system at the moment. Nobody really understands how all the different factors interrelate. But the astrology remains a factor, and the Capricorn Full Moon is definitely a factor. We will see the logic of something; we will see the effects of something that originated or first surfaced in 2001; and something will change. For good or for ill? That, like most everything, is truly a matter of interpretation.


The gut feeling I have about this Full Moon is that something that should be obvious becomes really obvious. In itself, it may not be 'good' but awareness of it certainly will be helpful.


Here's the chart for the Full Moon, set for Washington, DC, followed by a few of your questions this week. See you over at Planet Waves. Thanks for tuning in.