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June 10, 2005


Dear Eric,


On my birth certificate it states that my father declared that I was born at 16.00 hrs. (4 p.m.). My mother, on the other hand, maintains that I was born "sometime in the morning" but cannot remember the time. When asked for a more accurate estimate she can't even approximate which part of the "morning" I was born. She becomes rather impatient if I press her to remember, saying that there really were more important things to keep in mind after the war! Moreover, not having the same interest in astrology as I do, she doesn't attach much importance to my question. Since my father could be very unreliable in so many things and was not close by when I was born, I'm inclined to believe my mother who is a thoroughly practical, reliable person. My mother herself believes my father just made up a time! My dilemma is this: which of the birth times should I quote when requesting a chart -- the precise one (which could be false) or the imprecise one which may be closer to my true time of birth? I would much appreciate your opinion on this matter.


Sincere regards,




Dear Teresa,


To really answer this question, I would need to work with you and your chart(s) for a while.


However, a birth certificate in hand is pretty good evidence of the birth time, and it is, at least, the 'stated time' of the event ? the officially recorded time. I know this is not always right, but astrologically, it carries a peculiar authority.

As does your mother, according to the 4 p.m. chart -- it gives you a Mars-Leo conjunction right on the MC and that suggests that mother has a certain sense of infallibility, in your perception.


If I may politely challenge her, WWII ended in 1945, not in 1944. So you were born during the war, but that, really, is no excuse to not remember when you were born. Also, being born 'some time in the morning' is a span of 12 hours. Morning begins at midnight and it ends at noon. I would be inclined to go with the time on your BC, and work with that chart and see how it checks out.

If someone handed me this chart and said, 'Describe the person', I would say: deeply spiritually involved or dedicated, but also quite ambitious. Deeply sensitive, emotional, but somehow able to overcome all adversity as if by miracle.


There is a kind of split personality regarding long-term relationships, where something very deep and intense and committed is desired, but where there is a lot of uncertainty and adventure instead. Many ups and downs financially, but also continually positive about the subject of resources and finances, which has a way of getting you through.


If you showed up in my office as my client and told me the story of your birth time, I would cast the BC-based chart and ask you about events at the following phases of time:


Spring 1979.


Late 1987 and much of 1988.


Late 1997-early 1998.


Spring 2001.


This would check out the chart as stated, and begin the process of rectifying it. Please -- feel free to send your responses in. Thank you!!