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May 20, 2005


Dear Readers:


I always love when I can find a true astrological generalization, but have noticed that Geminis love puns. I test this theory whenever I can, and I have known a few with whom can make puns until the Sun goes all the way around.


Gemini is an air sign -- the first air sign -- and this is the element that deals most directly with thought, language and direct relating. Gemini in its many forms usually comes right back to these themes, and people with strong Gemini in their charts are often quick-witted -- both as in intelligent and in terms of anything from humor to sarcasm.


It is the first sign that directly addresses the theme of dualism, and the first sign in the zodiac to depict a human being rather than an animal. Aries and Taurus each have symbols where there are two horns. But Gemini actually presents us with two of something: in particular, two people. Twins, to be exact. There is a well documented phenomenon called idioglossia, which is a unique language that twins develop when left alone together for long periods of time.


Two of my favorite Gemini, in the 'famous chart' camp, are Bob Dylan and Laurie Anderson. Bob we?ve all heard of -- and from an astrological standpoint there is a good reason. His chart is like a train with Gemini as the locomotive and a string of Taurus planets pushing it along. This is someone whose words and ideas have penetrated consciousness like a laser beam for 40 or more years. And while you might not know he had all that Taurus in his chart from that voice, it?s not a voice you?re likely to forget any time soon.


Laurie Anderson you may not have heard of. She is one of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered, in person or through her art, and she is an awesome living example of how powerful language and ideas can be. Though you may not have heard of her, she has influenced a great many of the people you have heard of with her daring performances, perceptions and insights. And she is very, very funny. I?ll give you two links to stuff about her, and recommend one CD, from a performance in London that I?ve discovered recently, called The Ugly One with the Jewels.


Here is Laurie?s homepage, and here is the Wikipedia entry. Meantime, the Sun enters this very interesting sign of the zodiac on Friday.


Here are some of your questions this week.