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And After Saturn?


April 29, 2005


Hello Eric,


I have had Saturn prominent in my birth sign for quite some time now and so the eclipse might be something that I need to know about before going forward. I have, looking back, rather enjoyed the ride Saturn gave me even though it was hard work, but I wonder what there is beyond that. Maybe the eclipse will give me some clue as to what my next adventure is.


Thanks Eric,


June 25, 1952, 11:19 am

Loveland, Colorado



Dear Kenneth:


If you are singing Saturn's praises, this tells me you've really been doing the kind of introspective work that Saturn demands -- particularly as it has been conjunct your natal Mercury.


I would like to bring up another subject -- Chiron. I say Chiron because you are 52 (soon 53) and you experienced your Chiron return over the past couple of years. Indeed, you have Chiron in Capricorn, which at least astrologically accounts for your love and respect for Saturn.


Generally, people start to come out of their Chiron return at around age 52 or 53 and then head for new adventures. These changes can be rather sudden; there can be an emergence or development, as often happens after we're done with a major Saturn transit as well.


You have asked for a clue. So, based on a look at your chart, here is an intuitive response.


Have you ever taken up some major public role in life? As big as you want, but something with high visibility, enormous responsibility, and that calls for you to make the very best use of your awesome charisma, your intelligence and your truly benevolent attitude? Something that calls for people to trust you to the exact degree to which you are worthy of that trust.


I don't see you as being a 'private individual' but rather as someone who is -- I use this word judiciously -- destined to be part of the much larger scheme of life.

You have something big waiting for you in this respect. Just exactly what I will not dare to guess, and it may be professional, or involve what you think of as your community in some way.


Maybe you know exactly what I'm talking about.