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Eclipse Time Frames


April 22, 2005


Dear Eric:


Yasmin (and Jonathan) have stated that I as a Cancer experienced a New Moon eclipse on April 8th in my career sector. Not surprisingly (to you anyway) I am desperately seeking new employment as my current position is unbearable. However, since the 8th I've been 'knocked back' for two jobs I had applied for.

Can you please advise me how long it takes for the effect of an eclipse to 'kick in'?


Kind regards,

In Australia



Dear In Australia:


Most astrologers will tell you that an eclipse is a valid predictive or spiritual tool for six months to two years, though some last much longer. However, you're also assuming that the experiences of getting bumped out of these two jobs you applied for are really setbacks. I suggest you take a more positive, self-affirming view and experiment with the idea that something more is in store for you -- perhaps more appropriate work, a better opportunity, or a larger change than you are currently experimenting with.


There is a not-so-subtle difference between the two approaches; I am suggesting that you be more active and take much higher initiative; that you evaluate and set goals; and that you learn as much as you can from whatever happened with these past two job application experiences.


Also, remember that eclipses come in pairs, and the next eclipse (of the Moon, on Sunday) seems to have quite a bit more impact in your chart. You are likely to experience it more directly -- and remember that the Full Moon usually represents the expression of whatever happened at the prior New Moon.


There seem to be things going on in your workplace that are foggy or unclear. Pay attention to what is going on around you. If you are careful and use restraint and awareness in your current situation, you will be able to make a more precise, planned and well-executed career move.


A series of helpful aspects are on their way, but they will only have real meaning if you make sure you're the one who is at the steering wheel of your life, that you make moves that are well timed and that really feel appropriate. And it would be really a fine idea if you paid close attention to all your communications -- letters, calls, emails -- and make sure they are written well and say exactly what you mean.