Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Both Eclipses Hit My Chart


April 22, 2005


Dear Eric:


These eclipses you are talking about, on April 8th (my birthday), plus on April 25th in Scorpio (my ascendant), fill me with questions. I can sense this will have an impact on my life. What should I be prepared for? Will this bring me closer to what I want most: a partner for life?


Needless to say I thoroughly enjoy and value your writing!





Dear Emma:


It is always a little curious when the first thing on someone's agenda is something that does not exactly involve them personally. A partner is outside yourself. I recognize that every force in the whole of Western culture and most of Eastern culture makes us go on this quest for the one right partner. And there are exceedingly few influences that set us on a quest for our own inner self. I recognize that there are aspects in your chart that say that you are someone who identifies closely with the role of someone else's partner -- and these influences may be working unconsciously to keep you thinking this is your true mission in life. But is it? I suggest you widen this inquiry to larger questions about why you are here in this lifetime, why you are here at this time in history, and what you need to learn about who you are. Is it not possible that you have far more to live and experience than you currently have on your agenda? Meanwhile, there is a great deal to learn about relationships and about relating. Much in your chart suggests that you need to question all the assumptions of our culture, particularly what your mother taught you about your role as a woman. I don't say these things to throw you off the path of a wholesome relationship, but rather to help guide you a little closer to the real you, and thus the real person who can live in a fulfilled say and, as part of that process, relate to someone you love -- or to the many people you love.