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Unexplained Low Energy for Otherwise Fit Child


April 15, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric:


My daughter, born on the 29th of December 1990 at 7:43 am in Brighton in the United Kingdom, has been causing me concerns. I seem to have a gut feeling that fears for her 'long term' health. She has very weak hair growth (never really reaches shoulder length); very dry and 'porous' that is so thin in the length that it should be cut and kept short because it ends almost like small irregular feathers. She has had chronic gum problems.


We've been around doctors right up to the children's hospital in Great Ormond Street in London. No certain diagnosis, the faint possibility of a genetic disorder but that does not look like anything that could be traced either in my family or in her father's family. She is a contrast of fitness (slim with very strong muscles, an excellent rider, she works with horses every weekend, good at trampoline, she has an excellent hold/control on her body in the air) and total lack of energy. She will just go to sleep as soon as she stops and will have low energy on days when she doesn't go to the stables. She finds it hard to concentrate at school, I believe because of energy problems. Sometimes she looks so pale.


This nagging worry is like a layer of stress in my life. What could I learn about and 'for' her health from her chart?


Thank you,




Dear Michele:


Letters like yours really make me wish I was a trained alternative practitioner, but fortunately there are some very, very good ones in the UK. If your daughter was born in Brighton, hopefully you're easy driving or train distance to London, and I assure you there is someone in that city who can help your daughter -- the question is finding the right person. You can, however, start with a shift in your own thinking. This is an issue I've been wanting to address for a long time, and I hope I can do it some justice. I speak, therefore, not as a practitioner, but as someone who has worked with many, known many, and has interrelated with the ideas of alternate health since around 1986.


I will begin by saying that both intuitively and based on experience, I feel there is hope for your daughter to fully resolve her situation.


You say you've gone to doctors, so I'm going to assume you're talking about Western doctors -- that is, MDs who work with a certain set of beliefs, and a certain set of drug therapies. Their theories and drugs do help some people, but they actually cure very few people because, for the most part, they work on the surface of the problem. And that is, for most, well enough -- if you don't mind taking their drugs for a long time, or if you feel you have no other choice.


However, there are many, many health situations that fall through the cracks of Western medicine. There are a numerous cases that have distinct symptoms and cause great suffering, but in the end have no known syndrome, diagnosis or identity in Western medicine. There are aspects of the physical body that are basically ignored, but would give enormous information; there are groups of symptoms that, to doctors, have no use. And this does not mean they don't exist or, as you know, cause suffering and concern.


Now for the paradigm shift. There are other ways to look at wellness, sickness and the condition of the body. There are other ways to measure the state of a human life. I will suggest that having rock-solid blood work, over time, is likely to be healthy to many alternative practitioners, such as a naturopath. So I suggest you collect your daughter's health file and get it ready. Also, I suggest you write a little history of your pregnancy, health issues that run on both sides of the family, and the progression of what has developed with your daughter's health over time. The purpose of gathering this information is go give your new health practitioners as many clues as possible, and to be working on as high a level of awareness as possible. I can tell you that if the right person reviews the file and spends a little while with your daughter, they will get a picture and be able to recommend a course of treatment.


As you do this, you may notice that you are ?taking over' the case. You have to be the boss; the coordinator of the situation. Your job is to consult experts, but in the end, you make the final decisions at each stage, in close discussion with your daughter. Generally, in situations like this, healing comes gradually, and the Western notion of a magic pill needs to be abandoned. Rather, substitute a model of gradual increase in strength, symptoms disappearing one at a time over a stretch of months or a couple of years, and unexpected efforts having beneficial results. Generally, when a case is treated holistically -- that is, when the person is treated as a whole entity and not just as their hurting body parts, there are several categories of providers. Recently, a pamphlet was published in the UK by the Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Heath that makes official information about what kinds of practitioners do what available. These include auruvedic medicine, which is imported from India; Chinese medicine, an Eastern form of herbalism, which includes acupuncture; homeopathy, a system developed in Germany in the 18th century, which, in the right hands, can get stunning results; and naturopathy, a relatively new system that integrates many alternative and mainstream methods. Naturopaths are a kind of physician who have an expanded idea of health and wellness as well as an expanded tool box. They also know people who may have seen a case like this in the past.


It may seem like a lot of work to wade through all these methods. Of the ones I have listed, I would recommend contacting an auruvedic practitioner and a naturopath as your first lines of defense.


I'm an alternative practitioner known as an astrologer, however, and this is what I see. I think that a big part of the issue is nutritional. I see this clearly: food is an extremely important area of your daughter's life to watch. It's also rather challenging to change people's food habits, and young people in particular may care very little about this subject. But your daughter is a serious, mature girl and she may be cooperative. I'll get to her psychological profile in a moment -- it's going to be very helpful. But let's stick with nutrition.


The reason I point to food as the first place you can get results, besides the fact that this is usually true, is because she has a potent aspect structure involving the minor planet Ceres, which is all about nutrition. Ceres makes aspects to Venus, Chiron, Saturn, Mercury and the lunar nodes. From an astrological standpoint, this is a no-brainer, if you're familiar with Ceres. Everything points back to her. The square to Chiron would be more than enough; that she is square the lunar nodes tells me her whole life could turn on what food she eats.


How does she feel about food? Does she enjoy food, and what 'food issues' does she have? How well does her digestive system work? There may be questions of nutrient absorption, that is, getting the most from her food. I suggest you ask a doctor to do tests for parasites, including candida.


She must eat a balanced diet. Consulting a dietician who has some holistic training, rather than just a mainstream medical dietician, would be a very good start. But very basic improvements can come through fresh flax seed oil, an excellent brand of spirulina algae (my favorite is Pure Planet Red Marine Algae, which is about half green spirulina and half ocean algea), and mineral rich foods like seaweed. Other foods rich in enzymes, such as organic raw mango, miso (never cooked, just warmed with soup), and all raw foods, would make a very good start. Make sure she has enough water and use an excellent natural sea salt for mineral balance.


Next, on this list, which foods is she naturally drawn to? Beef, broiled meats, chicken and chicken soup, eggs and eggplant, fatty meats and fried foods, garlic and ginger, Korean ginseng, glutinous rice, green peppers, hot and spicy foods, leeks and onions, mushrooms, peanuts, persimmons, pig's knuckles and pork liver, red foods (beans, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) sesame oil, shellfish, sour foods, tangerines, and vinegar. Those would likely be helpful.


Last, I would like to inquire about her mental and emotional health. She is an exceptionally complex girl. Anyone with Capricorn rising, five major planets plus the Moon's North Node in the 1st house is an complex person and will have difficulty feeling understood. And she may not be able to express this feeling directly. However, because Chiron has been in Capricorn for several years, beginning in late 2001, she has been under constant, nonstop Chiron transits between then and earlier this year. This is not easy, and the transit, combined with the transit, can result in a condition of feeling constantly unwell. Plus, she has been under a heavy Saturn transit for most of this time, and remains under it.


I strongly suggest that she have someone she can talk to about herself once or twice a week for at least a year.


I truly hope some of this helps. Thanks for writing.