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The Moon and the Stars


April 22, 2005


Dear Eric,


Last night, April 15, at about 11:30 pm CST, I saw something I have never seen before. The Moon appeared to be surrounded by three stars that formed a right triangle around it. Is there any astrological significance to this formation? If it helps, I watch the sky in Texas. Thank you, have a good day.





Hi Rob,


What you saw was a conjunction of the planet Saturn (the dimmest of the visible planets) conjunct the Moon. This was in Cancer. This occurred near the fixed stars Castor and Pollux, the famous brothers of Greek mythology which are known to be the leading actors of the constellation Gemini.


Notice: I said note Cancer and Gemini in the same place. This is because the tropical sign Cancer (used in the Western zodiac) is located in the sidereal or star sign Gemini (used in the Indian or Vedic zodiac). The two overlap.


As for significance, that would be personal. Certainly the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn (which occurs once a month) is a kind of turning point, and you can be sure just about all horoscope writers will make some comment on it whether they mention what they're talking about or not. Add the fixed stars Castor and Pollux and you can make up your own story. Are there any situations in your life involving three men and a lady? Or mother, father and a couple of brothers?


What were you doing at the time you saw the constellation? Is there any poetry to the connection?


That's kind of how astrology works on this level.