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Eclipse on My Birthday


April 22, 2005


Hi Eric:


Next Sunday, April 24th there is a lunar eclipse. April 24th is my birthday, and I would like to ask please if this is beneficial for me. I have been struggling with many changes both financially and emotionally for many months and I would be interested to know if this is going to get any easier.


Many thanks,




Dear Annette:


If you know enough astrology to notice an event and ask if it's significant, then you know enough to work with the imagery and help make the significance real for you.


So let's play that game. It's not an exact science; it's more a visualization exercise, and you can work with those visualizations till you find one that works for you.


Since the eclipse is on your Sun, we know your Sun is in Taurus. Taurus is the sign that people say is absolutely solid, but it's more like the Earth, with a hot, molten core where everything is always changing.


The eclipse happens in your opposite sign, Scorpio. We could say many things about Scorpio without even seeing the chart. For example, even dogs and gerbils would agree that this is a mysterious sign, and that people with strong Scorpio in their charts are intense, passionate and can feel a little dangerous -- because they often incite us to a level of passion and compel us to change and grow. Scorpio is an interesting brew of the past, present and future. It's this churning heap of cosmic matter into which anything goes and anything may emerge. This is perhaps the deepest feeling sign of the zodiac, it involves the mysteries of death and reproduction, and this accounts for the highly unusual potentials associated with this sign. (Scorpios, how am I doing here?)


Along comes a lunar eclipse. That means for you personally: the transiting Sun has reached your natal Sun. Then the Moon comes along and right when it's exactly opposite your natal Sun, it falls into the Earth's shadow.


The Moon represents needs, the past, women, children, emotions and anything cyclical. An eclipse of any kind is a break from the past. Eclipses make an opening. They can represent a release point. They can help us forget. They can create so much pressure we finally deal with our problems.


At the very least, this makes the eclipse highly significant for you personally. That's because the Sun is such a personal point in one's chart; it's something we think of as ME in the biggest sense of the world. The Moon going out opposite your natal Sun has a strong feeling of renewal in personal relationships, of giving you space to express yourself, and of taking a new role in your relationships.


There is also a strong image of breaking a deadlock or stalemate in a relationship.


But the somewhat less polyanna (or psychologically supportive) way to say this is that you're facing big changes. So you may as well get with the program, because the program has got with you.


Because this aspect falls on your birthday, it will be included in what is called your Solar Return chart. That's another way of saying it will hold themes that last for a whole year. Eclipses always do anyway -- but the events and developments surrounding this eclipse are something that you can, and in essence must, use to guide you through the coming four seasons. There are many silver linings, there are many changes and it is true that you are under enormous pressure to resolve certain very deep issues of identity, perhaps as cultivated by your father.


As an astrological exercise, I suggest you tell your father's story and decide what parts you want to keep, and what parts you would like to pass on.