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Void of Course Moon on My Birthday


April 22, 2005


Hi Eric,


You have recently been talking about this void Moon. Is the void Moon a good thing? As I think you said it lasts till 3:50 pm on Saturday April, 9th. It is my birthday that day and I was born at 2:02 pm so would this void Moon affect me in a major way?






Dear Joy:


If you want to work with astrology, you need to stay calm. And you need to remember that every event has its place and its role. And aspects that are experienced by some people one way will be experienced by others another way.


A 'void of course' moon is another way of saying that the Moon is changing signs. We don't have your data so we can't cast your exact solar return chart; it could have been in either sign.


But what is more significant is that your birthday fell around a solar eclipse, indeed, the day after a solar eclipse. And that means that you're likely to be making major decisions about who you are, what you want, and what you do.


If you have not picked up this rhythm, why not try it? A solar eclipse on your birthday represents a true and rare opportunity to grow, and to let go of something about yourself that you've long been wanting to let go of. We humans tend to do a lot of self-clinging and it really slows down the process of getting on with life.


You have been dealt a wild-card by the cosmos. Play it any way you like.