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Just After a Full Moon


April 1, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Readers,


If there is such a thing as a lucky earthquake, it's an 8.7 magnitude under the sea that doesn't create tsunamis. It was not so lucky for people buried under the rubble, and those whose lives were devastated for the second time.


But then it did not take out a quarter million people or destroy the all of the progress that's been made in rebuilding coastlines in some dozen countries. And at least tsunami warnings got sent out and people had a chance to go for higher ground just in case. This quake was half the intensity as the Boxing Day disaster; when you're up at the high end of the scale, each little notch counts for heck of a lot more energy than the last one.


The timing of the event was interesting, coming 93 days after Dec. 26, 2004's 9.0 magnitude quake that wiped out coastlines in the entire region. That's just slightly over the number of days it takes the Earth and Sun to move 90 degrees relative to one another (about 91 days) which means that the Sun on Boxing Day and the Sun for this event were in a square aspect, the second most important aspect after the conjunction -- and some would say more so. This relationship between events based on the square aspect is often the case with both personal events and world events; things often happen on a seasonal basis (as the seasons are each about 91 days long).


Let’s look at the chart. Charts for the prior quake are at this link so you can compare them.


Note that this quake occurred just after a Full Moon (as did the 12/26 one) -- major quakes often occur around New or Full Moons. And the Saturday before, there was an exact occultation of Jupiter by the Moon. On occultation is an conjunction where the disk of the Moon passes exactly over a planet, rather than a normal conjunction where it will pass a little above of below. Astro freaks will recall that in the weeks leading up to the 12/26 quake, there was a series of four occultations of planets by the Moon, an aspect type that we had better keep an eye on.


There were many other mitigating (damage-reducing) factors in the chart that just seem to have taken the pressure off the situation, and which suggest that damage that did occur can be abated. The thing is that in truth, earthquakes and other natural disasters are always worse than we read about in the media. The struggle goes on for a long time. Yes, it could have been worse, but it could be better.


Remember that we are close in the vicinity of a solar eclipse, which occurs at the April 8 New Moon, and then Mercury stations direct on April 12, four days later. There is definitely some kind of major progress, news or developments in the air, as these focus on the highly sensitive Aries Point (covered last week). Steady as she goes and see you at Planet Waves.