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Oil Drilling in Alaska


March 25, 2005


Hi Eric,

I am fascinated by your ability to read into world events and would like to know what you thought about the recent opening of public land in Alaska to oil drilling. As a history teacher, I am appalled since it is well known that the companies promoting this are sitting on millions of acres of private reserves yet to be tapped. I'm afraid that once this last public reserve is exploited, these monopolies will then cash in on their control of the oil in those private reserves and hike the price of oil up as far as they please. I am distressed by the continued addiction to oil and public ignorance and complacency to corporate control. Do you think there is hope of change prior to a truly serious energy crisis?


One Sensitive Capricorn



Dear Sensitive Capricorn,

I am with you 100% and I think you understand the motives for what is happening quite well. I would like to point you and our reading audience to a DVD called "The End of Suburbia," which I found to be exceptionally informative, insightful and mind opening. This deals honestly with the questions of what is called being past the 'peak production' of oil both in the US and the Middle East. What you see will put world events into context and give you pause to reflect on the future. In honor of Chiron in Aquarius, I suggest you take up a little collection (it's a modestly priced DVD, anyway) and make a group evening out watching it. An interesting discussion will follow -- guaranteed.